18 Best Bakeries in Toronto [2023]

Toronto’s bakery scene is a haven for those who appreciate the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked goods wafting through the air. Lucky for you, this vibrant city is home to plenty of unique bakeries that deliver exactly that sensory experience. 

Prepare to embark on a delightful journey through Toronto’s bakery landscape, where each bakery boasts its own specialty and a commitment to crafting freshly prepared treats every morning. 

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Get ready to discover your new favorite bakery with our carefully curated list of the 17 best bakeries in Toronto.

What are the Best Items to Order at a Bakery?

When it comes to bakeries, the best thing to order can vary based on personal preference. However, to gauge the quality of a bakery, here are some popular and delicious items you can try:

  • Baguette: A classic French baguette is often considered a benchmark for a bakery’s bread-making skills. Look for a crispy crust, light and airy interior, and a distinctive flavor. A well-made baguette showcases the bakery’s attention to detail.
  • Croissant: A flaky and buttery croissant is a test of a bakery’s pastry expertise. It should have multiple layers, a golden-brown exterior, and a tender, buttery interior. A high-quality croissant will melt in your mouth.
  • Pain au Chocolat: This is a croissant-like pastry filled with chocolate. The quality of the dough and the chocolate filling can indicate the bakery’s commitment to excellence. A good pain au chocolat will have a rich and smooth chocolate center within a perfectly baked pastry.
  • Seasonal Fruit Tart: A fruit tart can showcase the bakery’s ability to create a harmonious balance of flavors and textures. Look for a crisp, buttery crust, a flavorful pastry cream or custard, and fresh, well-prepared seasonal fruits on top.
  • Macarons: These delicate and colorful French treats require precision in baking and assembly. A bakery that produces high-quality macarons will have smooth, glossy shells, a slightly chewy texture, and a flavorful filling. 
  • Specialty Cakes: If the bakery offers specialty cakes, ordering one can be a good way to assess their talent. Look for a cake with moist layers, well-balanced flavors, and skillful decoration. A bakery with attention to detail will create visually stunning and delicious cakes.

By sampling these items, you can evaluate a bakery’s expertise in different aspects of baking. Don’t forget to consider the freshness, taste, texture, and overall presentation when determining the quality of the bakery’s offerings and don’t be afraid to try something new based on your personal preferences or recommendations from the bakery staff.

The Best Bakeries in Toronto

Now that you know what to order, let’s dive into the Best Bakeries in Toronto!

1) Sanremo

Ask anyone in Etobicoke what their favourite bakery is, and I’m sure 99.9% would say Sanremo. This Italian bakery on Royal York is an Etobicoke staple and has been since 1969. They serve up pizza, sandwiches, and coffee; but their donuts are what people line up for. They have so many unique creations and flavours, you have to go try it for yourself. Make sure you’re there early enough to try them, the shop usually sells out by 2 pm. If you’re unsure where to start, go with the fritters, you won’t regret it. They also have baked goods other than donuts too. Try their croissants, cupcakes, bars, and of course cannolis for a delicious culinary experience.

Address: 374 Royal York Rd, Etobicoke
Phone: (416) 255-2808

2) Wanda's Pie in the Sky

This bakery is located on Augusta Avenue and is known for its delicious cheesecakes and pies. A customer favourite is the monkey bread. This crispy gooey dessert is topped with brown sugar sauce and nuts which gives it the right amount of tartness. This bakery also offers savoury treats. We recommend the Egg Wanda, a croissant patty with mushroom and spinach slathered in bechamel sauce and topped with poached egg and cheese. You can’t go wrong with anything you order here.

Address: 287 Augusta Ave, Toronto
Phone: (416) 236-7585

3) Serano Bakery

Looking for some traditional Greek delights? This bakery has been serving Greek pastries for over 30 years. Nothing will ever top the spanakopita from Serano, with a flaky pastry crusting and warm filling. You might have to have more than one. That isn’t all though, the amount of cookies and other pastries available is to die for, and we’re sure you’ll agree once you try them too. The shop is attached to a Greek grocery store, so on your way out pick up some Greek feta or honey!

Address: 830 Pape Ave, East York
Phone: (416) 462-2735

4) Dimpflmeier

This German Bakery ships its products worldwide, but did you know their factory is located south of Bloor, just off of Kipling? When driving past, the aroma of fresh bread fills the air! Their showcase space on site is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to pick up items you can’t in stores. Some highlights are the pretzel buns and sugar-coated pretzels. Additionally, the bagels from this Toronto bakery just can’t be beaten!

Address: 26 Advance Rd, Etobicoke
Phone: (416) 236-2701

5) Forno Cultura

This hidden bakery is raved about in downtown Toronto. They have a wide selection of artisanal bread, as well as a variety of mouthwatering pastries. Try the Appolinni, which is a delicate pastry layered with crispy dough. It’s filled with creamy custard and topped with powdered sugar. The sandwiches are also a favourite because of their famous bread. People have recommended the Soppressata sandwich, which is a savoury treat packed with spicy meat, a slice of cheese, arugula and roasted peppers.

Address: 609 King St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 603-8305

6) Roselle

The desserts here are a cut above in terms of flavour, texture and presentation. Their baked goods are a bit pricey, but they are worth it for the quality you’ll be getting. A favourite is the earl grey cake which has a strong tea flavour, and a soft textured mousse with a flakey and crispy crust. This cake is solely responsible for gaining the loyalty of their customers. Another recommendation is the turtle tart, which comes with salted caramel and candied pecans on top of a chocolate mousse in an almond tart shell.

Address: 362 King St E, Toronto
Phone: (416) 368-8188

Bloomer’s is a vegan bakery serving up beautiful and tasty donuts. With over 34 donut flavours, you can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. This bakery is dedicated to keeping its pastries GMO-free using unbleached flour, organic non-dairy milk, and ethically sourced cane sugar. Their three locations are on Bloor, and Queen in Toronto, and on Torbram in Mississauga. When you go, be sure to check out their scrumptious seasonal donuts!

Address: 873 Bloor St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 551-0532

Bunners is a firm believer in cinnamon buns. These cinnamon buns are to die for, though they have other treats and cakes too. Their original Kensington market location was so popular, they decided to open up a second location on Dundas, between Keele and Runnymede. This place is completely gluten-free and vegan, but you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when it comes to taste. When you go, be sure to try the cinnamon buns and the raspberry square!

Address: 244 Augusta Ave, Toronto
Phone: (647) 350-2975

9) Baker and Scone

Looking for some coffee and scones, or just the latter? Baker and Scone on St. Clair west offers over 40 different scone flavours. The range spans from plain, all the way to protein scones, including buttermilk vanilla, cheddar dill, and spinach feta. These scones challenge the preconception that all scones are dry with their moist texture. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, don’t hesitate to stop in and see what you’ve been missing.

Address: 693 St Clair Ave W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 657-2663

10) Mashion Bakery

Mashion Bakery
Photo by Fabiano Daher
A traditional Chinese bakery with arguably the best-baked goods in Chinatown. Their items are all usually under a dollar each but deliver beyond their value. If you’re looking for quality traditional Chinese baked goods, stop into Mashion. When you go, try their pork buns, blueberry pineapple bun, as well as their spring rolls. The bakery also sells pre-packaged Chinese snacks!

Address: 345 Spadina Ave, Toronto
Phone: (647) 348-2866

11) Danish Pastry House

The Danish Pastry House is a GTA chain that doesn’t fall short of delivering what its name suggests. The bakery serves a variety of bread and croissants, but the real star is their pastries. Once you figure out how to pronounce the danish names, you’ll be set. Many of the pastries feature marzipan (a sweet almond paste) and raspberry jam. A favourite is the heart-shaped cookies or spandauer. The bakery also serves traditional danish tarts and rum balls. Stop at one of their 7 locations across Toronto and taste for yourself.

Address: 65 Front St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 214-1930

12) Bake Shoppe

Have you ever wanted to eat a cookie with Drake’s face on it? Or how about gourmet pop tarts? If this is something you’d fancy, check out this little Italian shop. Bake shoppe is a unique bakery putting a pop culture spin on timeless classic flavours. The shop does treats for any occasion, and I do mean any, so check out their totally Instagrammable treats next time you’re in the area!

Address: Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 916-2253

13) Butter Baker

This bakery is popular for its butter tarts. The baked goods served here are perfectly balanced in terms of flavour. Be sure to try the lemon meringue croissant. The croissant is made to be flaky and buttery. The lemon cream is flavoured just right so you just taste a hint of lemon. This lemon cream oozes out after each bite of the croissant. A perfect combination is eating it with their soft-serve ice cream. The soft serve changes every month so you can expect to try something unique each time with flavours like guava or strawberry apple.

Address: 120 Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 971-8686

This bakery is found in Dundas Street West and makes a variety of homemade goods. They don’t just serve sweet foods, but savoury ones as well. The selection of goods includes pastries, bread, muffin, dessert, and cheese. What’s more, is that they come at reasonable prices. A favourite here is the toffee tart which comes with a smooth and rich filling and a flakey buttery crust. The goods at this bakery are always freshly baked for you to enjoy. We recommend pairing your meal with their coffee or tea.

Address: 1156 Queen St W, Toronto
Phone: (647) 748-4700

15) Oishiii Sweets Cafe

This cute little cafe is a great place to enjoy some freshly baked treats. A fan favourite is the black sesame cheesecake. The black sesame mousse is layered with cheesecake and topped with white chocolate, blackberries and toasted sesame seeds. The flavours aren’t overpowering and complement well with one another. The best part is tea lovers can enjoy a variety of dessert flavours such as Matcha, Thai milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, Earl Grey and more.

Address: 3376 Kennedy Rd Unit 2, Scarborough
Phone: (416) 881-0880

16) Grodziński Bakery

Undeniably the best Kosher bakery in Toronto. Grodzinski’s is located in North York and serves kosher baked goods and bread. Their bread buns and pastries are phenomenal but who could resist their sugar cookie. The beloved Jewish bakery serves pre-packaged baked goods along with their fresh ones, and the quality is consistent throughout. If you are looking for a kosher bakery, you can’t miss the Grodzinski bakery.

Address: 3437 Bathurst St, North York
Phone: (416) 789-0785

17) Dough Bakeshop

This bakery is found on Danforth avenue and creates aromatic dough using local grains. Everything looks so delicious here, you can’t really go wrong with the selection here. A personal favourite is the carrot cake. This moist and dense dessert has real pieces of carrot and chunky seeds in every bite. This cake is topped with a rich cream cheese frosting. For those looking for something savoury, we recommend trying the sandwiches which have both meat and vegan options available.

Address: 173 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Phone: (416) 465-2253

18) Blackbird Baking Co.

Blackbird Baking Co. takes desserts to a whole new level, elevating them with exceptional flavor, delightful textures, and impeccable presentation. While their baked goods may come with a slightly higher price tag, the quality you’ll experience makes them worth every penny. One standout treat that has won the hearts of their customers is their cinnamon rolls. Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm, pillowy cinnamon roll, perfectly swirled with a generous layer of fragrant cinnamon sugar. The dough itself is soft, moist, and perfectly balanced, ensuring a delectable bite in every mouthful.

Address: 635 Queen St E Unit 101, Toronto
Phone: (416) 465-0043

FAQs About the Best Toronto Bakeries

The selection process involved extensive research, reviews, and input from local food enthusiasts. We assessed various factors such as the quality of baked goods, customer reviews, reputation, creativity, and overall experience. The list represents a diverse range of bakeries that excel in their respective specialties. If you’re interested in learning more about how these spots were selected, consider reading our article on how we choose the best.

Absolutely! The blog is committed to keeping readers informed about any changes or additions to the list. As the Toronto bakery scene evolves, we continuously evaluate and update our rankings to ensure they reflect the current state of the city’s baking excellence.

While the terms “bakery” and “patisserie” are sometimes used interchangeably, they can have subtle differences. A bakery typically focuses on a variety of baked goods, including bread, pastries, and cakes, whereas a patisserie often emphasizes more delicate pastries, desserts, and sweet treats, showcasing intricate designs and intricate flavors.

Yes, in most cases, bakeries strive to provide fresh products daily. Bakers often start their day early to prepare and bake a fresh batch of goods for the day. However, availability may vary depending on the popularity of certain items and the operating hours of the bakery. It’s best to visit earlier in the day for the widest selection of freshly baked treats.


Toronto boasts a remarkable array of bakeries that showcase the city’s vibrant culinary scene. From artisanal bread to delicate pastries, we hope you enjoyed our list of the best bakeries in Toronto and that it has left you craving their delicious treats.

Each bakery on our list has earned its place through exceptional craftsmanship and mouth watering creations; so whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the city, indulging in the delights of these top bakeries is an experience not to be missed. From the buttery croissants and flaky pastries to the aromatic loaves of bread and decadent cakes, these bakeries offer a taste of pure bliss.

If you’re looking to discover more about Toronto, be sure to
check out our other blogs covering a wide range of topics about the city. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, we provide valuable insights to enhance your Toronto experience. Happy exploring!

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