Restaurants That Serve the Best Vegan Mac and Cheese in Toronto

If you are a vegan who likes comfort meals, Toronto provides a variety of alternatives for you. The vegan mac and cheese sauce has the same creamy and delicious texture as traditional mac and cheese sauces, commonly made with coconut milk, cashews, flour, nutritional yeast flakes, water, and salt. Vegan mac and cheese is a healthful and flavorful comfort dish since it is prepared without real cheese, has fewer carbs, has antioxidant-rich and fibre-rich vegetables, an excellent source of protein, and coconut milk also adds a sweet twist that even non-vegans and lactose intolerants adore. Toronto vegan restaurants have mastered the art of producing delicious vegan mac and cheese, and we’ve created a list of restaurants that serve the best vegan mac and cheese in Toronto. 11 best vegan mac and cheese restaurants in Toronto that you can try today.
ALK, or Animal Liberation Kitchen, is a Toronto-based restaurant that aims to provide inexpensive, tasty, and nutritious vegan alternatives. They offer various vegan foods such as smoothies, coffee, soups, comfort food, and vegan mac & cheese. The ALK eatery offers one of Toronto’s most creamy and flavorful vegan mac & cheeses. Don’t miss out on their smokey mac & cheese, which is prepared with a cashew-based sauce and topped with tasty kimchi and lemon tofu, as well as their new vegan maple bacon bits.
Hogtown Vegan, an eatery in the center of Kensington Market, has a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, making it a great spot to enjoy creamy mac & cheese. This vegan restaurant provides delicious vegan mac and cheese baked and topped with herbs and bread crumbs for a crisp, rich flavour.  You can customize your mac and cheese with $2 of gluten-free pasta and Mac Supremacy, or $4 of Soy Pork Party and $5 of Spicy unChicken. If you decide to get their delicious mac and cheese, they provide a takeaway option only due to current restrictions, or you can order online through DoorDash or UberEats.  Please note that their 1056 Bloor St West location is permanently closed; nevertheless, their comfortable vintage decorated eating and patio area on College St is fully operational.

Address: 382 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S7
Phone: +14165467900
Photo credit: @tastetorontolight

Doomie’s is another vegan restaurant in Toronto that serves excellent and creamy vegan mac & cheese. Doomie’s, located in Bar Vegandale, is open from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day of the week and provides excellent vegan alternatives for Toronto dining. They provide exquisite mac bowls with their cheese sauce, such as the Mac and cheese bowl with crumbled ritz, the chilly mac bowl, the Philly mac bowl, and other vegan delicacies that you may enjoy while listening to excellent music in a great atmosphere.
Near Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, you’ll find Sweet Po, a vegan cafe that’s easy to get to from the city’s busy centre.  Here you find one of the best vegan mac and cheese in town made with elbow macaroni and a creamy vegan cheese sauce topped with crunchy herb-toasted panko. They offer excellent service and a warm atmosphere where vegans and non-vegans alike may enjoy their comfort food. They only serve if you are wearing a mask, so remember to follow their COVID safety guidelines.
This vegan burger joint is close to Bathurst and Spadina stations, making it easily accessible via public transit. Gorilla Burger provides 100% vegan meals, including vegan burgers, salad bowls, vegan ice cream, and vegan mac and cheese, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients, tasty sauces, and the perfect crispiness. The store provides a range of vegan mac and cheese options such as “Mac & Cheese,” which is made with macaroni, butternut cashew cheese sauce, crispy jalapenos, and pesto aioli, “Jerk Mac” made with macaroni, butternut cashew cheese sauce, jerk aioli, and plantain chips, “Combat Chilli” made with ground Beyond meat and bean chilli, cheddar cheese, sour avocado cream (It’s actually spicy!), all of which are $8 before tax. If you find the entrance difficult to find, make sure to go around the alley behind Eva’s to locate it.
Global Locally is a vegan fast food restaurant that serves vegan burgers, tacos, chicken fingers, fries, and mac and cheese options such “Mac & Cheese (GF),” which is created with gluten-free brown rice noodles and our house-made dairy-free cheese sauce, “BacUn Mac & Cheese (GF)” that is prepared with gluten-free macaroni and cheese and topped with smokey house-made tempeh, bacUn and green onions, “Mac & Cheese Supreme” created with mac and cheese and brown rice noodles, topped with dairy-free cheese sauce, house-made taco meat,’ dairy-free sour cream, tomatoes, and green onions, which are all colourful, creamy, delicious and worth a try.

Address:492 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A4
Website: Globally Local 
Phone: +18002862145

Bloomer’s Bloor is a vegan bakery store near Ossington station that offers a wide range of vegan treats. The bakery previously stated that they intend to extend their menus to include vegan bowls, sandwiches, and vegan mac and cheese, for which they are now working on developing their own vegan mac and cheese sauce with a blend of lovely bits of broccoli.
LOV is a 100% vegan restaurant that is tastefully decorated with brilliant white paintwork and elegant furnishings, making the space feel light, airy, and comfortable. Mac’n’cheese Lov, made with vegan cheese sauce, kale, cherry tomato, and vegan mozzarella, is one of their most popular vegan meals among their vegan recommended menu. Enjoy their excellent vegan choices on their patios this summer by ordering online or making a reservation. They maintain strict coronavirus guidelines and take all precautions feasible so you may enjoy your day with minimal risk.  LOV is open Tuesday through Saturday, 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Right across Bay station, you find one of the classy and beautifully decorated vegan restaurants in town, PLANTA. PLANTA has a large vegan menu such as pizza, salad bowls, Planta burger, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, and delicious vegan mac and cheese. The environment and atmosphere are classy, modern and clean, and have friendly staff who quickly take your orders. PLANTA is now open, and you may visit them Monday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., following strict COVID guidelines.
This mac and cheese specialty shop has a large selection of mac and cheese, including vegan options. The store’s external front is a colourfully painted shack that you wouldn’t miss if you were passing by. The mac and cheese they serve are generously portioned, and the pasta is well cooked with crispies on top that are really creamy and gooey to taste, including a very quick service whether it is a walk-in or online order. The store is open from noon to 8 pm all week long and where you can get your mac and cheese dream fulfilled today.
This cozy and minimalist vegan store offers a wide range of vegan cuisine, including vegan burgers and sandwiches, bowls and salads, side dishes, and vegan ice creams, all cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients and served efficiently and with friendly personnel. The service here at Parka goes so smoothly since they have a quick and straightforward ordering and pickup process. They provide various mac and cheese alternatives, including “Truffle mushroom” cooked with truffle oil, sautéed organic mushrooms, and Broccoli Pesto blanched broccoli, pesto, and cheese. “Classic mac and cheese” with coconut bacon and dry parsley, “Supreme mac” and cheese with plum tomato, onion, jalapeno, watercress, guacamole, and a three-flavour mac pack.

The best vegan mac and cheese restaurants in Toronto are:

If you enjoy creamy and richly flavoured foods, mac and cheese are a great side dish or main course. Vegan mac and cheese is a good and healthy alternative that non-vegans should try as well. We hope we were able to help you find the best vegan mac & cheese food spots in Toronto, and be sure to check out our daily updates for additional tips.

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