The Best 10 Waxing Salons in Toronto

“ Waxing strips are a quick and easy method to remove hair if you are in a hurry”
You’re probably reading this because you’ve had enough of shaving, and laser hair removal is a little more pricey. Or, you just might dislike lasers emitted on your body to kill your hair follicles. Don’t worry; numerous beauty salons in Toronto conduct waxing in a painless and high-quality manner. If you’re looking for a smooth, hairless body for the beach, check out our list of the 10 best waxing salons in Toronto.

10) The Wax Studio

Just steps away from Saint Clair West station, you’ll find The Wax Studio that offers all types of waxing services for both men and women, leaving your body smooth and glowing. As soon as you step into their waxing studio, you’ll notice there are comfy sitting chairs where you may wait till the waxing room is ready for you. The beauticians are highly professional and make you feel comfortable throughout your session. Their waxing service includes feet waxing for $6 and $18 for underarms for both men and women. Their pricing ranges from $5 to $48 for women and $5 to $40 for men. IIf you want to get your summer body ready for the beach, you can get Brazilian wax for $48 and bikini lines for $18.

9) Nina Sugaring

“ Suger waxing is less painful than a regular wax”

Nina Sugaring is located in North York and offers waxing service, all with 100% natural products. If you have chemical-sensitive skin and low pain tolerance, this is the place for you. Nina offers sugar waxing at a great price, where her waxing paste only includes natural sugar, lemon and water. Nina only offers sugar waxing services for women; you can get your bikini line waxed for $23, a Brazilian wax for $40, underarms for $15, and upper lip for $8. You can also get package deals such as full face waxing that includes upper lip, cheek, sideburns and chin, all for $25.

Address: 23 Goulding Ave, North York, ON M2M 1K8 
Phone: +14372201803

8) Waxed Wax Bar

Vaughan’s Palmdale mall is home to many great stores and Waxed Wax Bar is one of them. This place is known for its quality bikini waxing and friendly service. When you walk in, you’ll see a seating area where you can get your brows done by a professional technician. If you need to get your body waxed, there’s a comfy bed in the back of the salon where you can relax and feel confident that you’re in good hands. Their other services include Full Body Waxing, Threading, Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting, Eyelash Extension, Microblading, Botox and Dermal Fillers. No matter what your needs are, Waxed Wax Bar will take care of you. Stop by today and see for yourself!

Address: 1 Promenade Cir, Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8 
Phone: +19057639293 
Instagram: WAXED

7) Prayosha Threading and Wax Bar

Prayosha Waxing Bar has multiple locations across Toronto, offering one of the best clean and quality services, including eyebrow threading, tinting and henna designs at an affordable price. They also offer all types of waxing services for both women and men. Their waxing service includes Brazilian wax for $35, underarms for $10( both men and women), full face waxing including eyebrows and neck for $30. Please be sure to check out their website for discounts and special offers, including redeemable points every time you refer the salon to a friend or book online.

6) The Ten Spot

The 10 Spot is a beauty bar business with locations throughout North America, including Toronto, that offers a variety of cosmetic services, including skin, brow, nail, and hair removal. Their store is clean, bright, and spacious, with plenty of lounging places for various beauty treatments. They also sell cosmetics such as skin oils, body washes, and nail polish, among other things. Their waxing services include bikini line and Brazilian waxing, as well as upper and lower body waxing. “The Brazilly,” their signature waxing treatment, is a Brazilian wax that lasts 30 minutes and can be customized for you if it’s your first time. Full leg waxing, brows, face waxing, and a variety of other waxing procedures are available, all of which are performed by trained and competent professionals.

Address: 2012 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1J3
Phone: +14166130256

5) WAXON Laser and Waxbar

Waxon Laser and Waxing Bar Is conveniently located between Grant St and Boulton Ave on Queen St E. This waxing shop is nicely designed with bright lemon colours, and their waxing area is modern, clean, and well-lit. Not only does the bar provide waxing services, but they also offer laser hair removal and eyebrow threading.

They also sell body scrubs, hair trimmers, wipes, and many more beauty products that you will need this summer. Their waxing services for both men and women include Brazilian hair removal for $52, classic bikini line for $20, upper lip for $13, and so many more are included in the woman waxing menu. And the men waxing menu includes $20 for brow shaping, $15 for forehead, and $13 for ears. Please be sure to check out their website, where you can get amazing deals and updates.

4) Sweet Mango Sugaring

Sweet mango sugaring is located just steps away from Osgoode station, right between John St and McCaul St. This waxing salon is decorated with jewel-toned sofas and foliage plants that are aesthetically pleasing and inviting. This waxing salon is a 100% sugar wax hair removal service for both men and women, where the waxing past is only made out of sugar, water, and lemon. Some of their waxing services include eyebrow for $12, underarm for $20, and Brazilian for $49.

Address: 240 Queen St W 3rd floor, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z7 
Phone: +16478809566 

3) Allure Body Bar

Allure Body Bar is excited to welcome you to their salon by providing waxing services for men and women, as well as for pregnant women. All of which are conducted by trained experts with the finest hygiene, including the use of latex-free gloves. They have fully licensed and professional waxing technicians that make you feel comfortable throughout your waxing session such as Brazilian for $42, Bikini line wax for $24, lip wax for $9, full leg wax for $50 and so many more that are included in the woman waxing menu. Menzillian waxing is also $76; eyebrow wax is $17; full leg wax is $56; and many more that you can find in the men waxing menu. Be sure to check out their website for more information, rewards and membership services.

Address:3255 Rutherford Rd j21, Concord, ON L4K 5Y5 
Phone: +19055977862 

2) Aroma Waxing Clinic

Aroma Waxing Clinic, which has been named the best Brazilian waxing clinic in Toronto, is another choice for getting the best waxing service. They provide full body waxing services, including sugaring, spray tanning and laser beauty treatments. Their waxing paste is developed specifically for those with skin sensitivity and is produced in Toronto. Waxing of the eyebrows is $12, underarms are $13, Brazilian is $39, and full-body treatments, with the exception of the bikini area, are $132. Don’t forget to check out their website for more deals as they have 15% off for all waxing services every Tuesday and Wednesday and 15% off for sugaring services every Thursday and Friday.

1) Fuzz Wax Bar

Fuzz Wax Bar is another Toronto gem where you can get any hair removal service for both men and women at a reasonable price. The bar aims to provide a quick and pain-free waxing service where they use hard wax for super sensitive parts of your body. Their service includes full face woman wax, including eyebrows for $45, underarms for $17 and Brazillian for $48. You also can get men brow waxing for $20, ear waxing for $10 and full arm waxing for $42. In addition to that, they also perform facial, inground extraction and threading. If you want a discount on all of your waxing requirements, make sure to check out their website for deals and become a member.

The best waxing salons in Toronto are:

That concludes our list of waxing salons in Toronto. Sugar waxing salons like “Sweet Mango Sugaring” are great for sugar waxing in a lovely setting, while salons like “Allure Body Bar” are ideal for pregnant ladies, and there are many more businesses we highlighted above that are excellent for your specific needs. We hope we were able to assist you in your quest for a waxing salon and be sure to check out our daily update for more excellent suggestions.

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