Bhai's Indian Canteen

Bhai's Indian Canteen
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Address: 115 York Blvd #8, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 731-7272

Bhai’s Indian Canteen is a casual, art-filled cafe serving an all-vegetarian menu of Indian foods plus a few Chinese dishes. Foodies looking for an exciting meal will be delighted by this hidden gem in the heart of Richmond Hill. Get your fill of delicious Indian food and treats at Bhai’s.

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The first thing we noticed about this new spot was the impressive decor. The restaurant is decorated with bright colours and large paintings of local scenery, giving it a nice homey feel compared to most hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurants you find around town. There is plenty of natural lighting, but the room is also nicely dimmed with soft mood lighting. They also have a nice patio in the back if the weather’s nice.
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The menu is quite unique, as it features different kinds of Indian foods you wouldn’t normally find at most restaurants. From their Indian bun sandwiches to a few Hakka Chinese dishes. However, the highlight of their menu is definitely their dosas.
If you’re new to dosa, a great introduction is with the Onion Dosa ($11.95). At first glance, you’ll notice that the dosa is extremely large served with crisp lentils. The first bite will give you a satisfying crunch as the crispy dosa gives way to delicious onions and chilli inside. They also serve it with their own tasty sambar soup and chutney on the side. It’s an extremely satisfying dish.
Their food is slightly on the spicy side, so if you can’t take much spice I’d recommend asking them to tone it down just a bit. Nevertheless, their food is prepared quite well and everything we’ve tried has been delicious! We’re already planning our next trip back.
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Another favourite is the original Masala Dosa ($12.95)! This dish is a fried dosa with lots of nifty sauces and fillings inside. It comes with crisp lentils and rice crepe with tempered potato. This dish also comes with a tangy sambar dal and chutney. The dosa itself is crispy and holds its own, but the chutney brings this dish to life.
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Besides dosas, an honourable mention is the Bhel Puri ($7.95)! If you’re looking for something crunchy, here is your dish. It’s a tasty dish with assorted vegetables and sauces on top. This snack mixes savouriness with delicious sour flavours so every bite will have you wanting more.
If you’re looking for healthy, vegetarian, and unique Indian food then Bhai’s Indian Canteen is the place for you.  Their menu features a variety of eclectic dishes that are highly recommended to try! From desserts to dosas, this place has something for everyone.

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