Bombay Bhel

Bombay Bhel
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Address: 230 Commerce Valley Dr E, Thornhill, ON L3T 7Y3
Phone: (905) 771 6957

Bombay Bhel is a small chain spot that offers Indian fare in an unpretentious setting. Bombay Bhel is known for butter chicken, and they also offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes as well as other dishes from India’s many regional cuisines. They have a menu that can cater to your every need, and even if you’re not a fan of Indian cuisine, it’s worth checking out!
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The restaurant has a grand dining space with traditional Indian design and decor. On one of the walls, you will find a huge Indian tapestry, which adds to the rustic decor. The tables and chairs are all hardwood, and they have plenty of space between the tables so you won’t feel cramped. They have seating for all group sizes, from a party of one to a party of ten. The warm lighting and open atmosphere make it a great place to meet with friends or family.
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The menu here is vast and offers a lot of variety. You can choose from classic dishes, such as butter chicken or vindaloo, to more adventurous fare like Goat Curry or Baingan Bartha. For vegetarians, you will find several options, including Alu Palak and Gobi Manchurian.
A great starter is the Bombay Chicken Lollipop ($16.99), which features crispy chicken drumsticks marinated in their special blend of spices. The tender meat absorbs the flavours from the sauce and pairs perfectly with the mint chutney and rice that it’s served with.
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Moving on, a dish that shouldn’t be missed here is their signature Tandoori Chicken ($14.99), which is marinated in spices and yogurt cooked in a clay oven (or tandoor). The dish is also served with mint chutney and rice. For this dish you have your choice of spice level, so you can choose mild or spicy. The perfect blend of yogurt and spices gives the chicken a creamy yet smoky flavour that melts in your mouth.
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Another dish worth mentioning is the butter chicken ($17.99), which is a rich and creamy dish that’s just as tasty as it looks. The chicken is incredibly tender, and it melts in your mouth. It goes really well with the rice or naan you choose to eat with it (we suggest ordering garlic naan).
If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine or just looking for something different, then Bombay Bhel is an excellent choice. Customers will appreciate the clean, comfortable atmosphere and friendly service staff who are always willing to help with menu choices if needed. The food is delicious and is served in generous portions so you won’t walk away hungry. If you haven’t been here yet, come check it out.

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