Bombay Touch

bombay touch
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Address: 7700 Bathurst St #43, Thornhill, ON
Phone: (905) 597-5097

Bombay Touch, an Indian restaurant serving 3 locations in the GTA (Vaughan, Concord, Stoney Creek. This popular restaurant serves up a variety of traditional dishes in a warmly decorated dining room. You can choose from any of their mouthwatering curries and rice dishes, or if you’re looking for something different, try one of their more unusual offerings-like tandoori prawns!
Bombay Touch
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Their dining room is quite elegant with its clothed covered tables and paintings on the wall. While the decor looks modern, the place definitely has a homey feel to it. It’s a small place, and you can easily hear your partner’s conversation in an intimate setting. The massive windows in the front of the restaurant make for a great view of the big city nightlife going on outside.
Bombay Touch2
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The menu has some great, traditional Indian dishes that are hard to find in many other restaurants. They have the staples like chicken tikka masala or saag paneer, but there are more unique items on the menu like butter shrimps, fish pakoras and more.
They have some great dosas here, which are paper-thin crepes made out of lentil flour and rice, filled with potatoes and served with sambar on the side. The cheese dosa ($10.99)is a must-try for all cheese lovers, it’s a massive stuffed dosa that’s filled with a light, slightly tangy cheese mix and served with a couple of chutneys for dipping.
Bombay Touch’s dosas are crisp yet chewy, filled with a healthy dose of veggies and go perfectly well with the side of sambar.
Bombay Touch1
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If you are a vegetarian you’ll love the bhindi masala ($14.99). Succulent okra pieces are cooked to perfection with spices, onions and tomatoes making for a tasty dish that is served with basmati rice on the side. The okra are cooked, but still have the slightest crunch to them that pairs perfectly with the softness of the rice.
The paneer tikka masala ($14.99) is a flavourful dish of marinated paneer in a creamy tomato sauce served with rice and naan. The paneer has a nice pepperiness to it, which pairs well with the creamy tomato sauce. It’s the perfect amount of spice for those who prefer mild dishes, but if you’re looking for something hotter their vindaloo or madras will definitely do the trick.
Bombay Touch4
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If you’re looking for something fast and filling, you can’t go wrong with the biryanis here. The lamb biryani ($15.99) is loaded with big pieces of tender lamb mixed in a subtly spiced onion and tomato sauce, which you can easily eat with your hands.
The chicken biryani ($14.99) is another great choice – the flavourful rice is cooked in yogurt along with spices for a subtle heat that’s a perfect match to the sweetness of the tandoori chicken.
The food at Bombay Touch is great and has a slightly upscale feel to it, their service is quick and efficient as well! They have some dishes on the menu which you won’t find nearby other Indian restaurants. So if you’re looking for something different and unique, you should definitely give Bombay Touch a try!

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