Bukhara Grill

Bukhara Grill
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Address: 2241a Bloor St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 551-5199

Bukhara Grill is a fresh, modern Indian restaurant with two locations in Brampton and downtown. Serving a mix of dishes from Indian and Chinese cultures in a delightful atmosphere with exposed brick walls and traditional decor, Bukhara Grill is the perfect place for your next dining experience!
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Bukhara has a fantastic dining atmosphere. The restaurant has an appealing rustic appearance with beautiful decor. The interior design juxtaposes traditional Indian d├ęcor with modern urban influence, which is then brought together by photos of India’s culture and heritage that hang on the walls. The space also features a bar right in the center, which you can sit at the counter to catch the game.
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Bukhara Grill’s menu is a mix between traditional Indian dishes and modern Indian fusion, with some Chinese influences as well. For appetizers, the restaurant serves a nice assortment of starters from chicken wings to samosas to pakoras.
Highly recommend starting with the onion bhaaji, which are deep-fried onion fritters with tamarind sauce. The onion bhaaji are perfectly crisp with a slight sweetness to them. The tamarind sauce is delicious and addictive!
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Next, why not try the tandoori prawns? The presentation of the dish is spectacular, with a huge plate of colossal prawn pieces marinated in yogurt with mild spices. The prawns are succulent and full of flavour; the marinade makes for some finger-licking good prawns! They also have other great tandoori dishes, like tandoori chicken, which is excellent as well.
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For your main course, Bukhara Grill offers great dishes like chicken jalfrezi, a traditional stir-fry of peppers, onions, and tomatoes in a delicious sauce that has a hint of heat. This dish is topped with fresh coriander and served with basmati rice. Bukhara Grill also offers a nice selection of traditional Indian dishes to choose from, like chicken tikka masala, saag paneer (spinach curry with cheese), butter chicken, aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato), lamb vindaloo or biryani (rice with lamb).
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For dessert/drink, try the mango lassi, which is a popular drink in India. The lassi is a blend of mango and yogurt that is sweet, refreshing and has a bit of tang to it as well. The lassi pairs nicely with some Indian food!
Bukhara Grill is a fantastic Indian restaurant that gives you the best of both worlds: traditional and modern. The flavours are spot-on and the dishes cooked to perfection; we would definitely recommend coming here today!

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