Canada’s Wonderland is back!
With the announcement of the new cliff jumping experience

After a year of waiting since the pandemic began, the country’s largest amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland, located in Vaughan, Ontario, is finally reopening to the public. Many folks were upset when Canada’s Wonderland closed last summer. Children, teens, and adults have been looking forward to the amusement park because it is one of the most popular places to visit throughout the summer. After a long, cold winter, we Canadians eagerly await the arrival of summer to enjoy the warm weather before it snows again.
However, there is good news: this summer will be different. Canada’s Wonderland is returning with 2 new attractions: cliff jumping at Mountain Bay Cliffs and Beagle Brigade Airfield, which adds to the enjoyment with its high-flying WWII-style suspended aircraft that whip around. With the number of COVID cases decreasing in Ontario and the number of people being vaccinated increasing, the chances of businesses opening up are promising. Canada’s Wonderland is one of the businesses that will open next month as Ontario proceeds into phase two of its opening plan.
Here are a few things to look forward to when visiting Canada’s Wonderland 2021
Canada’s Wonderland has now confirmed its July 7th opening date to the public and July 5-6 for season pass holders, as indicated on their website. They also announced that the splash works water park would open on July 12th.
With the reopening of Canada’s Wonderland, there will be conditions and strict protocols in place for visitors to ensure public safety, which is made a priority. They’ve established a safety strategy so that you and your family can enjoy a wonderful and risk-free day at the park.
Beginning June 17, 2021, at 9 a.m., tickets and reservations for Canada’s Wonderland and Splash Works will be available. Furthermore, some locations and rides may be closed if they are not convenient to physical distancing. Download the Canada’s Wonderland app to learn more about its opening and protocols, as well as to keep up with their newest shows, events, trends, and an overall overview.

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