Experience the essence of modern design at CB2, where they curate a collection of furniture and housewares that speak to your discerning taste. With an unwavering commitment to providing stylish options for the Canadian community, CB2 offers an extensive range of products to enhance your living environment. From sleek and minimalist Dylan wood dining tables to luxurious Parisian-inspired sofas, CB2 has carefully selected pieces that cater to every style and budget.

As you explore CB2, the first floor tantalizes with a tempting display of their available selection, offering glimpses into the possibilities that await. Venture upstairs, and you’ll discover pristinely elegant living spaces, designed to inspire trendsetters like yourself who seek something beyond traditional designs.

Business Information:

Address: 651 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B7
Phone: (416) 366-2828
Website: cb2.ca

Customer Review Highlight:

"This is a looong overdue review, we bought a sectional sofa from cb2 five years ago, and i just want to say, that five years later, out of which two years in pandemic so we live on this sofa literally, also with a toddler, it still looks PERFECT. Zero sagging and zero piling. I never had to fluff it. We had it cleaned professionally once and it looked brand new after. (The sofa is very firm and the fabric super durable) "
"I had such a wonderful experience at this store. Mauricio went above and beyond to coordinate delivery of my pillow inserts with items I was picking up from the store. Jenn was instore and provided exceptional service at my visit. The products look amazing and I look forward to shopping there again. "



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