Centennial Park Conservatory

Photo by: Kate D (@katrindell) • Instagram photos and videos

Address: 151 Elmcrest Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9C 3S2
Phone: +14163948543

Centennial Park Conservatory is one of the best parks where you can observe a wide variety of tropical plants. This conservatory is on the south side of Centennial Park, just close to Picnic Area 1. The glasshouse was built in 1969 and officially inaugurated the following year by the mayor of Etobicoke with the goal of promoting awareness and appreciation for botanical riches. This wonderful non-profit garden includes three greenhouse sections: a cactus showroom (south wing), a tropical plants section (main greenhouse), and a seasonal plants showroom (north wing). If you enjoy nature, you won’t have to drive far to discover a variety of flora. Check out Centennial Park Conservatory, a hidden gem of an oasis.

Things To Do

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Learning about different plants and their habitats is a common attraction in greenhouses. The greenhouse offers a variety of species of plants that are photo-worthy. The conservatory has around 200 tropical plants, including hibiscus, silver vase, bird of paradise, palms, banana and papaya trees, and many others. You can also discover wonderfully displayed Cacti and succulents, one of which is arranged in the style of a flowery lady’s dress. Other seasonal plants to explore include various types of Chrysanthemums.
The conservatory has lovely pathways with classical music playing in the background, which adds to the sensation of exploring the jungle without feeling rushed. There are also benches cleverly positioned throughout the area for you to sit and relax. The conservatory is excellent for a peaceful day in an environment with clean air, which is also nourishing to the mind.
Other things you can do at the conservatory include hosting a wedding photo session and purchasing plants at the occasional plant sale. Don’t forget about the free plant giveaways that occasionally occur after a sale.
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The conservatory is not to be overlooked during wintertime. The greenery being indoors provides a cozy place to visit, as well as some flowers and tropical plants to admire in the middle of the cold season.


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The conservatory features a small pond where you can observe koi fish, ducks, toads, frogs, and painted turtles, which are the common ecosystem you can spot inside the greenhouse.


There are many free parking lots at the centennial park, one located just right outside the conservatory.

Additional information

  • The entrance is free
  • washroom accessible 
  • The conservatory is open all year long
  • You can donate in the contribution box
  • The conservatory is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week.
The Centennial Park Conservatory is a must-see attraction for everyone visiting Etobicoke. The greenhouses provide a variety of plants, flowers, and ecosystems that you cannot experience anywhere else for free. The conservatory is a lovely location to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Appreciate and learn about different plant species for a nice outdoor day and a great winter escape.

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