China Cottage

China Cottage
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Phone: +1 (416) 292-1488
Address: 5985 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1V 5P7

China Cottage is a casual Hakka restaurant in Scarborough. They try to put their own twist on Hakka cuisine by using modern cooking techniques. This place has been serving customers for over 20 years and is a great restaurant to visit if you’re looking for the authentic taste of Hakka cuisine. The best time to visit China Cottage is during lunchtime, as their lunch specials come with rice and your choice of egg roll, soup and soda. 
China Cottage 2
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This restaurant has a relaxing ambience. Not only do the darker tones of the walls and floor make it seem like a fancy restaurant, but the place itself offers a peaceful environment that’s great for quiet conversations. The chairs themselves are uniquely decorated which matches the darker wooden tables. Natural light makes its way through the windows providing the space with ample lighting, and it is also brightly lit with lights on the ceiling as well.
China Cottage 3
We recommend starting off with the Tofu 88. This spicy vegetarian dish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The tofu does a good job of absorbing the flavours of the sauce and spices. The distinctive red colour really makes the presentation of this dish pop. This is meant to be a savoury dish and it perfectly accompanies any meal here.
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Another great dish is the Chilli Chicken. You can get this dish dry or with gravy. This dish comes with white rice and has just the right amount of spice. They are also pretty generous with the portions of chicken If you’d like a better deal, we suggest visiting the store during lunchtime. This dish is the store specialty and we can tell from the flavours that come through with every bite.
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End your meal with one of the many desserts at the store. We personally prefer some ice cream at the end. This sweet treat is rich and creamy, with a subtle taste of vanilla as well. Plus it’s just refreshing to have some ice cream after all the spicy food. If you’d like something a little crunchier, this place also offers fried bananas with ice cream. The dish is warm and the banana adds a deeper taste to the dish.
China Cottage is the perfect place to visit if you’d like to try a variety of food from chicken to seafood. Plus they are influenced by many cuisine styles which leads to their unique and delicious dishes.

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