Cinamon Indian Bistro

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Phone: +14165194534
Address: 1966 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H8

This is an Indian restaurant that opened in 2011. This cozy restaurant is the perfect place for a date or a hang out with friends. For those ordering takeout, we recommend calling ahead as the wait times at this restaurant are a bit long.
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There are so many curries here to pair with your dishes but a favourite is the grilled garlic prawn. This dish is marinated with garlic, lemon juice, carom seed and olive oil for its unique flavour. This is a sweeter, meatier dish that is the perfect accompaniment to any main dish. At $18.99 this meal is a steal.
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We also recommend trying the Lamb Zardaloo Boti. This restaurant really knows how to cook the lamb to perfection. Unlike the other savoury dishes on the menu, the sauce is made with apricots and a variety of other fresh herbs. It is then topped with tender potatoes. The generously portioned dish can be bought for $14.99.
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Vegetarians will also love the menu from this shop. A favourite is the Paneer Butter Masala. The main focus of this dish is the paneer that has a similar taste and texture to cottage cheese. This meal is served in a sauce that uses tomatoes, butter and honey. A sweet and savoury dish for $11.99.
Photo by Cinamon Indian bistros via Facebook
We recommend ending your dessert with Rasmalai. This is a cold dish that people love for its refreshing taste. The dessert is soft and spongy which soaks up the syrup very easily. It has been known as a creamy dish rich in flavour. There isn’t a better way to end a visit at Cinamon Indian Bistro than with this carefully prepared dessert for $4.99.

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