Coolest Indoor Attractions and Tour Adventures in Toronto

Toronto has some of the oldest and iconic monuments in Canada and worldwide today. Some which are definitely worth seeing. However, if you are not from Toronto or just haven’t been on a tour here yet, you may wonder what you need to know to visit Toronto. Here are some pointers on what you need to know to visit Toronto:
Though you may be wary of these checkpoints, know that Toronto is worth visiting. If you are unsure, here are 5 tours worth visiting in Toronto, today:
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Niagara Falls, known as one of the famous landmarks of Ontario, is visited by many Canadians and tourists throughout the year. The Falls offers a beautiful view for families and tourists as they stand captivated by the 176 ft. high waterfall. The tour has the option of a cruise, a cruise and a meal or a ride on the Ferris wheel. Right beside the enchanting falls, there are lots of cool rides, games and eateries in the Midway strip. Maybe, those who are interested in a family get-together can have a small picnic in the midst of the perfect scenery.
Now that it’s approaching the summer, the hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus of Toronto is definitely something to be checked off your bucket list! The 2 day bus tour allows guests to sit inside the bus, or for a more adventurous ride, on the top of the bus. Situated in the downtown core of Bay and Dundas, the sight-seeing bus allows you to get off at any site to explore. The bus visits spectacular sites and must-dos of Toronto, including the ROM, the Distillery District and the CN Tower. There is an experienced tour guide who takes you through Canadian history and fun facts of the places home to the city! During the summer, a short-boat ride is also included.
Being one of the sites that you hop-on-hop-off, the Distillery District is no less than classic when it comes to Toronto history. This Victorian neighbourhood comprises both an old vintage touch and a new modern look, that is spoken through its art and style of restaurants and businesses. The Distillery District has many breweries in the area and the tour teaches you a little bit about beer making and you can even sample some of their best beers! Chocolate is a favourite here, where a master chocolatier allows you a sample of some of the finest local chocolates around. A lot of history is embedded in this district and the guest is apt to learn a thing or two about Toronto.
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Situated in downtown Toronto, a private tour with a local gives the guest the opportunity to explore the best attractions of the city. The guest is met at the hotel and can opt in to arrange which sites are worth seeing in the downtown core. This walking tour is super friendly for anyone who wants to get to know the city more and has that much time on their hands. (It even helps that everything is within walking distance in the downtown area). The local meets the guest halfway and even suggests any noteworthy places worth visiting.

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From the cityscapes to the harbor, this tour of the Toronto island-mesh is one of the most beautiful tours around. It takes you straight out of the hustle and bustle city-to something a lot more relaxing and serene, all viewed right from the water! The tour takes you straight into the harbour and to the islands where you have an unimaginable view of Toronto. You see the beautiful city skyline and some of the most memorable icons in the city. You even get to explore more at your own pace in the steaming sunny months of summer.
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Whether you are booking a tour with a family or maybe if you just want to explore the dazzling grounds of the Parkwood Estate, there are many options for everyone to enjoy. The Garden Tour and Tea is one of my favourites. You have the opportunity to stroll through the gardens which are 20th Century English and European inspired with a design from the English Arts & Craft Gardening Movement. This Guided Garden Tour concludes with tea and scones in the Gardener’s Lodge.  You also have options of Basement Tours, the Art Collection Tour and the Servants’ Life Experience Tour. Auto Baron’s Experience Tour allows you to gain insight into the lifestyle of auto baron, R.S McLaughlin.
This tour features a home, Casa Loma, which literally means “House on a Hill.” Guests are allowed to explore this mysterious mansion that was once home to an eccentric businessman, between 1911 and 1914. The house contains old-world medieval reveals such as turrets, underground tunnels and secret passageways. The movie “X-Men” was even shot there! If you are in for a perplexing supernatural experience, come to Casa Loma.
Now that you learnt of some of the coolest tours Toronto has to offer, get your things a’ packin’ and dive right in! The summer’s heat’s waiting on you.