Cost of living in Toronto

As a thriving tech hub, Toronto attracts workers from all corners of the globe. If you’re planning to move here, whether for work or a new life adventure, knowing what it will cost to live comfortably is a necessity. Let’s dive into the various cost elements of living in Toronto.

Cost of Housing in Toronto

Housing forms a sizeable portion of living expenses in Toronto. For a one-bedroom apartment in downtown areas such as the Financial and Entertainment districts, you’d need between $2200 and $2700 per month. To save costs, consider living with roommates or choosing a residence further from the city center.

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While water is free in Toronto, you’ll need to budget for electricity costs. The average monthly electricity bill for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $70. Toronto uses two systems for billing electricity; time-of-use and tiered pricing.

Telephone and Internet Costs

For basic phone service offering unlimited talk and text within Canada and the US, and 1 GB of data, expect to pay roughly $30. Comprehensive packages will cost an extra $20-$30. You can expect paying from around $50 for an Internet service that offers unlimited data, with speeds reaching up to 25 Mbps.

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Groceries and Dining

Average food expenses in Toronto range from $100 – $250 per week for singles and $200-400 for a four-person household. Supermarkets like Sobeys, Metro, and Loblaws are popular choices, but for cheaper options, consider NoFrills or Walmart. 

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Toronto offers a rich mix of leisure activities. From world-class museums like the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, to lively restaurants and bars, there’s something for everyone. Generally, budget between $50 and $100 for such activities.

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Toronto’s proficient transportation system, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), makes navigation easy. You need a single PRESTO card to access any train or bus in the city. Currently, a single ride costs $3.30.


Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides free healthcare coverage to all Ontario residents, including in Toronto. Those with valid work permits who have lived in Ontario for at least 153 days are also eligible.

A Budget Example

To provide a snapshot, here’s a typical monthly budget for a Toronto expatriate:

Housing: $2,200
Electricity: $70
Transport: $156
Internet and Telephone: $90
Leisure: $200
Groceries: $600
Total: $3,316 CAD

Typical Income

A software developer in Toronto earns an average annual income of $85,000 CAD. The booming tech industry creates a high demand for such professionals, making salaries negotiable.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, Toronto is an exciting city to live in with its vibrant tech scene and equally bubbling city life. The cost of living is manageable when given proper consideration. Should you choose to embark on this adventure, Toronto has its arms wide open to embrace you.

Quick Takeaways

Average rent for a one-bedroom downtown apartment is between $2200-$2700.
Basic phone service costs around $30, while internet services cost approximately $50.
A single’s average grocery expense ranges from $100-$250 per week, while for a family of four it’s about $200-400.

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