The Best 8 Salons for Curly Hair [2023]

Best Salons for Curly Hair

If you’re a proud owner of gorgeous curly locks, you know that finding the right salon can be a game-changer. Caring for and styling curly hair requires a unique skill set, and not all salons are well-equipped to handle its specific needs. Lucky for you, Toronto boasts a selection of exceptional salons that specialize in curly hair. And if you like this article, consider checking out our pieces on:

Now, let’s dive into our list of the top 8 salons in the city that will have your curls looking their absolute best

What Makes These Salons the Best for Curly Hair?

These salons stand out as the best for curly hair in Toronto due to several compelling reasons:

  • Specialization: These salons focus solely on curly hair, mastering the unique needs and challenges it presents.
  • Skilled Stylists: Their experienced professionals excel at working with curls, ensuring impressive results.
  • Client Praise: Glowing reviews from happy customers highlight their consistent excellence.
  • Personal Consultations: Tailored services begin with consultations, understanding your specific curl requirements.
  • Education: Beyond styling, these salons offer valuable guidance for at-home care.
  • Inclusivity: They create warm and accepting spaces for diverse clientele.
  • Product Expertise: Curated products optimize your curls’ health and appearance.
  • Consistent Quality: Their reputation is built on delivering reliable, exceptional service.
  • Trend Awareness: They blend modern techniques with timeless curly hair principles.
  • Positive Experience: Clients leave not only looking great but also feeling confident and uplifted.

These factors combine to make these salons the ultimate destinations for those with curly hair. And if you’re interested in learning more about how these salons were selected, consider checking out our article on how we choose the best.

The Best Salons for Curly Hair in Toronto

Now that you know how these salons were selected, let’s find your new favorite spot!

1) Jonathan Torch Curly Hair Institute

Jonathan Torch Curly Hair Institute is a pioneer in curly hair care. With a team of talented stylists, this institute has gained a reputation for transforming curly hair from ordinary to extraordinary. Clients rave about the perfect balance of definition and volume they achieve, thanks to the expert cuts and styles. When you step into this institute, you can trust that your curls are in the hands of true professionals

Phone: 416-362-1068
Address: 85 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M2N 1M4


“Shada was awesome! She gave me a great cut and highlights and styled it with the perfect balance of definition and volume!.... There aren't many salons who can handle curly hair well so in that respect, it was worth the money.”
“Jonathan Torch Curly Hair Institute is the absolute best place to go if you have curly hair! All of the stylists are incredible, and you can always trust that you are in great hands, and that you will love your hair after your cut and style! ”

2) The Curl Lounge

The Curl Lounge offers a haven for curly-haired individuals looking for exceptional care. The stylists at this salon understand the intricacies of wavy and curly hair and are skilled at transforming your locks into bouncy, hydrated curls. Clients praise the knowledgeable stylists and the great tips they provide for managing curly hair between visits.

Phone: 416-551-9765
Address: 623 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E 1R3


“Had a great experience at The Curl Lounge with Jessica - she gave me some great tips for styling my fine wavy/curly hair and took it from dried out flattened waves to bouncy hydrated curls. Super happy with how it turned out and Jessica was a pleasure to chat with.”
“I’ve previously had pretty negative experiences with hair salons/curly hair salons but the Curl Lounge changed that for me. I cannot explain how happy I am with my hair.”

3) Crown N Glory Natural Hair Studio

Catering to coily, curly, and wavy hair textures, especially natural African hair, Crown N Glory Natural Hair Studio is a haven for those seeking specialized care. Beyond offering top-notch salon services, the studio provides valuable classes for haircare professionals of all levels. Clients are drawn to the positive energy and care that the stylists bestow upon their hair, leaving them feeling like their best selves.

Phone: 647-549-2796
Address: 32 Berwick Ave, Toronto, ON M5P 1H1


“The past three years that I've been going, I have seen tremendous changes to my hair. My hair is healthier and thriving with all the positive energy and care that has been bestowed upon it. It's an extremely safe space and I always leave feeling like my best self!”
“It is very difficult to find black hair care salons that truly cater to natural black hair. I feel like I found a hidden treasure in Crown N Glory. The salon is close to home, priced decently and the service is top notch. I was able to book and choose the services I needed online with little to no hassle…. The staff are knowledgeable, and gentle with my hair…. Can't wait for my next appointment.”

4) Curly Girls Studio

Curly Girls Studio is a go-to destination for individuals seeking expert care for their curly hair. Adina, a skilled stylist at the studio, is lauded for her precise cuts and personalized care. Clients appreciate her attention to detail and the complementary follow-ups to ensure their hair continues to look its best. If you’re navigating the world of wavy and curly hair in Toronto for the first time, this studio is your ultimate spot.

Phone: 416-402-9302
Address: 2025A Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2


“I was very happy with Adina's care and precise cutting of my short curly hair. Not only that, but she offered a complementary follow-up a month later to improve areas that needed some extra attention. She recognized areas that consistently gave me problems, and solved their issues.”
“I had a great experience at this salon! My hair suddenly turned wavy/curly as a result of hormonal changes and I was SO LOST. Adina was incredibly helpful and extremely patient with my eight billion questions and blank stares. I have learned a lot and will probably have more questions…. but my hair is looking way better and so much healthier! I look forward to going back!”

5) Curl Ambassadors

With multiple locations across Toronto, including Vaughan, Pickering, and Brampton, Curl Ambassadors is a leading name in curly hair care. The friendly team of stylists welcomes you with open arms and transforms your curls with expertise. Clients praise the education they receive on curly hair maintenance and the empowering experience of embracing their natural curls.

Phone: 416-922-2888
Address: 159 Harbord Street, Main Level, Toronto, ON M5S 1H1

Note: additional locations in Vaughan, Pickering and Brampton


“Finally! A place that knows how to take care of your curls. Upon entering the salon, I felt welcomed by all staff immediately. They are a friendly team who truly care about your experience. My stylist Melanie is an expert. She taught me how to treat my curls with products, and gave me an awesome cut, that is easy for me to style on a daily basis.”
“I got the Curly Doo service to try it out because it was my first visit here. Olivia gave me a very informative hands-on consultation and helped me figure out how to wash/style/care for my hair. I got a little info sheet to take home with all the recommended steps and some suggested products as well. I've never felt so empowered to have curly hair. Will definitely come back for a haircut next time.”

6) Natural Curly Hair Haven

Natural Curly Hair Haven lives up to its name by being a sanctuary for curls. Nicole, a skilled hairdresser, helps revive curls and provides valuable tips for maintaining their vibrancy. Clients appreciate the professionalism and sweetness they encounter at the salon, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a fresh look for their natural curls.

Phone: 416-892-4022
Address: 2755 Lake Shore Blvd W, Suite B, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1H2


“I had the pleasure of having Nicole as my hairdresser. This was my first time getting my hair cut by a curly hair exclusive salon and I was not disappointed. Nicole helped bring my curls back to life and also gave me curly hair tips. She is also very professional and sweet. I totally recommend it for anyone looking for a new hair salon!”
“This was my first-ever time getting a proper curly haircut and it was absolutely worth it going here! Dixie did a fabulous job with cutting, washing, and styling my hair --my curls really pop and my hair feels healthier for the trim overall. Moreover, she was very friendly, personable, and fun to chat with during the whole process. I look forward to coming back in 3 months for another haircut!”

7) JouJou Hair Studio

JouJou Hair Studio specializes in coily, curly, and wavy hair types, particularly natural African hair textures. The salon’s commitment to professionalism and care shines through in every client experience. With stylists like Kurt and Nicky who excel in their craft, clients leave with silk-pressed hair that stays stunning for days and newfound knowledge about caring for their curls.

Phone: 416-255-4247
Address: 855 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3V7

Note: specializing in coily, curly and wavy hair types—especially natural African hair textures


“Got a silk press done on Friday by Kurt, for a wedding I was attending on Saturday.. well it’s Monday and my hair stills looks and feels as great as it did when I left the Salon on Friday. With Kurt’s great guidance on how maintain my hair and the great hair experience I had at the salon. I will definitely be coming back for more appointments.”
“If you’re in the least bit hesitant to book an appointment, please let this post be the reason you go for it. The level of professionalism and care I experienced is unmatched. Nicky is incredibly knowledgeable. She assessed my hair and gave me a quick lesson on what my hair needs and the result is amazing…. I also love that they tell you step by step what will happen next. Keep up the great work ladies!”

8) Curl Bar Beauty Salon

Elizabeth Reed at Curl Bar Beauty Salon is a curly hair whisperer, providing exceptional care that allows your curls to thrive and grow. Clients praise her knowledge and the transformative experience they have under her care. With personalized advice and tips, you’ll leave the salon feeling empowered to embrace your curly mane.

Phone: 416-777-2875
Address: 41 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5E 0A1


“I have been going to see Elizabeth Reed for over a year. She is very knowledgeable on how to manage curly manes and my hair has thrived and grown under her care. She is pleasant, helpful and gives me great advice and tips for my hair. The first time that I was just scheduled with her because she was the stylist who was available and I have never looked back or booked with anyone else!”
“Have always had a hard time finding the right salon for coloring & cutting my curls in toronto. Until I got to know of curl bar at 41 Jarvis!. I got my hair recently cut & colored at here. In a nutshell it was a warm & fulfilling experience…. I absolutely love my new hair! …. highly recommend curl bar for the curly hair girls/ boys out there.”

FAQs About Curly Hair Salons

For curly hair, consider a haircut that works with your natural texture. Opt for a layered cut to enhance volume and movement. A DevaCut, specifically designed for curls, can provide a well-defined shape. Consult with a curly hair specialist to determine a cut that complements your unique curl pattern and face shape.

Salons may charge more for curly hair due to the extra time and expertise required. Curly hair often demands specialized techniques and precision in cutting and styling. Stylists with curly hair expertise invest in continuous education and training. As a result, the pricing reflects the skill, time, and care needed to achieve optimal results.

It’s generally recommended to cut curly hair when it’s dry and in its natural state. This approach allows the stylist to see how each curl falls, ensuring a balanced and even cut. Cutting curly hair when wet can lead to unexpected shrinkage once the hair dries, potentially resulting in an uneven appearance.

Final Thoughts

In a city like Toronto, where diversity and individuality are celebrated, these salons understand that curly hair is not one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re rocking coily, wavy, or curly locks, these top-tier salons have the expertise to enhance your natural beauty and leave you with curls that turn heads wherever you go. Experience the magic that these curly hair specialists have to offer and embrace your curls like never before.

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