Dagu Rice Noodles

Dagu Rice Noodles
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Address: 115 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C4
Phone: +14169019208

Dagu Rice Noodles is a popular noodle shop chain with several locations across Canada, including four in the GTA. This famous eatery specializes in crossing the bridge rice noodles that are cooked from scratch and come in a variety of flavours. Whether you’re searching for one of the best appetizers or a nice hot bowl of noodles, check out this hidden treasure and see what everyone is raving about.
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The restaurant is clean and spacious, perfect for large groups. The front reception includes a large counter with stools where you can dine. The restaurant has a large ceiling shelf with plants on it and hung plants that can be found around the restaurant; trendy in décor. The restaurant is warm and inviting, with bright lighting and hardwood tables that add to the ambiance.
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If you visit Dagu, you have to try their Original Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle Soup with Beef Slices. The entrée came with a hot soup and a tray of sides for you to throw into the boiling broth, which is fun and keeps the noodles from being mushy. Let’s not forget about their limitless noodle refill. If you want something very spicy, try their spicy rice noodle soup with pork intestines. There are additional add-ons for your soup, such as stuffed meatballs and shrimp, and you can end your meal with their sticky rice snack. Dagu also provides bubble teas and other cold drinks to keep you cool, and their super fruit tea is refreshing.
Their noodles have a fantastic texture and quantity size; however, many customers have mentioned that the soup is on the salty side. Their dishes are well-presented, and they use fresh vegetables. Dagu Rice Noodles is a popular hangout spot, especially at night at their downtown location where everyone comes to eat delicious food after work. If you happen to visit at night, be sure to register on the iPad located at the door so that you can receive text messages when your turn is up.
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Dagu Rice Noodles is one of the best places to hang out in downtown Toronto, serving hot, tasty noodles that will warm you up on a cool day. They have reasonable prices for their high-quality cuisine, which is ideal for most students on a tight budget. If you’re seeking the best Chinese food in Toronto or want to treat yourself to some delectable rice noodles, be sure to stop by this gem.

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