DaLongYi Hot Pot

If you are looking for an authentic Sichuan-style hot pot experience, Dalongyi Hot Pot will not disappoint. This à la carte hot pot spot takes mind-numbing spice to a whole new level with its intense soup bases.
Photo by Dalongyi Hot Pot
When you first step in you will feel like you are in China with its traditional Chinese decor, and the colour red scattered across the entire room similar to their other locations around the world
Photo by Dalongyi Hot Pot
Hot pot can be a messy meal as things tend to splatter, but DaLongYi has you covered. To keep you and your belongings safe, DaLongYi provides bins where you can store belongings, as well as branded aprons to prevent soup or sauce splashing onto your clothes.
Unlike most hot pot places in Toronto, DaLongYi is à la carte, this means you are charged for each plate of food that you order (not including the soup broth).
Photo By Tara W.
If you are confident in your abilities to handle spices, I would highly recommend the DaLongYi original spicy chili oil special. This concoction consists of 28 ingredients which include several types of extremely hot chillies that will definitely make you sweat.
Milder options and no spice options are also available for those that are not good with spice. Make sure to check the pepper rating (1-3 chilis) before you order your broth.
Photo By Tara W.
Since it’s not AYCE, you can expect higher quality and a wider selection of ingredients such as marbling, Japanese black pork belly, Japanese Wagyu, Kobe beef, and more.
During a mouth-numbing hot pot meal, it’s always best to order some drink in advance to prepare for the worst. The best way to cool off the numbing sensation is with a bottle of their delicious plum juice or a pitcher of refreshing watermelon juice.

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