Photo by DEEPIZZ Pizzeria
DEEPIZZ Pizzeria is a pizzeria that specializes in deep-dish pizza which is 100% halal. They are located in the heart of Little Italy, which is where you can get some of the best pizzas in Toronto. 
Photo by @dee.pizz
When it comes to deep-dish pizzas in Toronto, DEEPIZZ definitely stands on top of one of the best in Toronto. DEEPIZZ deep-dish pizzas are the real deal (unlike others who claim to have deep dish pizzas) as they use a thick frying pan to bake all their pizza.
Photo by @dee.pizz
Here you can have your personal deep dish pizzas which are 9”, but it can definitely fill you up just after 2 slices. Their pizza doughs are crispy and delicious, topped with your choice of high-quality ingredients like Angus beef, chipotle steak, chicken pesto, and more. The best part is that they layer their ingredients all the way through so that it’s flavourful with every bite.
If you’re in the College and Spadina area of downtown this is definitely the place to go for some legit deep dish pizza.

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