Dim Sum King

Dim Sum King
Yelp/@Chuan C.

Address: 421 Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 551-3366

Dim Sum King is at the forefront when it comes to dim sum in Toronto’s Chinatown. Located just steps away from The Art Gallery of Ontario, you can help yourself to an impressive selection of delicious dim sum items at this low-key spot. What’s so special about Dim Sum King is that they were one of the only few dim sum restaurants in Toronto, which still serves customers using the traditional method of pushing around a trolley cart filled with dim sum dishes. Instead of ordering with a menu, you simply choose what you’d like from the cart and start eating without having to wait.
Dim Sum King 4
Yelp/@Chuan C.
From the storefront, you’d expect that this restaurant will be quite small. But, as you step inside you’d be surprised that there’s a spacious banquet hall waiting for you. The interior design restaurant pays homage to Chinese culture, as you can find the colour red (traditional colour in China) throughout the restaurant; from the red carpets, chairs, pillars, and even the Chinese lanterns hanging down from the ceiling.
Dim Sum King 3
Yelp/@Chuan C.
Surprisingly, the menu is not that big with only 76 dim sums items, while it’s pretty common for dim sum spots to have over 100 items on their menu. However, they still have all the staples including steamed dim sum, deep-fried dim sum, congee, rice noodles, and they even have vegetarian dim sums as well.
Dim Sum King1
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When visiting, be sure to get their har gow, which is filled with large pieces of shrimp and wrapped around a silky rice skin. Their pork siu mai is great as well. It’s a pork-filled goodness that’s bursting with flavour. Another great option is the preserved egg pork congee. This traditional Chinese is extremely flavourful and it’s the perfect way to warm yourself up on a cold winter’s day.
For dessert, definitely give their sweet dim sums a go. Some of the classics are the sweet tofu with syrup, egg tart, and mango pudding served with condensed milk.
Dim Sum King 2
Yelp/@Ken C.
Overall the dim sum experience you get there is definitely one of the best you’d find in Chinatown. Everything here is prepared fresh daily and the quality you’re getting is definitely worth the price you’ll be paying. They also offer catering services for private events such as corporate or wedding events. So if you want to impress your guests, you can’t go wrong with dim sum king.

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