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Dose is one of the best places to grab fresh cold green pressed juices on the go. This is one of our favourite brands for a bottle of refreshments since it is accessible from a variety of Toronto grocery stores, including Metro, Whole Foods, and even Walmart! This juice company based in Montreal was created by Raphael Hubert and Genevieve Brousseau Provencher, a couple who shared a love for living a healthy lifestyle.
Dose is a certified organic juice brand by Ecocert Canada. They use Norwalk juicer to prepare their cold press juice, which helps produce and extract the maximum nutrients from the ingredients without creating heat, which is known for destroying beneficial nutrients. Even though they don’t have their own physical store, they provide deliveries in Ontario and Quebec, and you can also find them in-retailer grocery stores such as Metro. They sell cold-pressed juice, shots, and smoothies in bottles, and you can sign up for a monthly subscription to have your juice bottles delivered to your door every two weeks or once a month.
You can try their 2 Weeks Challenge Pack for $78, containing 14 cold-pressed juice bottles (300ml) such as beet and carrot pressed juices that you can drink 1 or 2 each day. Dose collaborates with a number of local businesses on special times, such as Love Le Grand, a plant-based brand known for its vegan yogurt, and Hungry Buddha + Thirsty Buddha, a beverage and keto bar company, both of which are included in your subscription boxes to give you a complete health benefit for your entire body.
Dose Juice can help you enhance your body, mind, and health without interfering with your daily activities. Keep an eye on their Instagram for exclusive deals and giveaways.

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