Dum Pukht

Dum pukht
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Address: 323 Denison St, Markham
Phone: (905) 604-6401

Dum Pukht restaurant is a relaxing Indian restaurant that’s known for its biryani, tandoori and curries dishes, all served in a trendy setting. Dum Pukht is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience where you can enjoy traditional Indian cuisine in an upscale environment with great service. Here at Dum Pukht, they believe that food should be an experience worth talking about and not just something to fill your stomach before taking off.
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Being an upscale restaurant, you can already expect something amazing from their dining environment. The interior design of the restaurant is modern with earth tones, detailed drapery and hanging lights to give off an elegant vibe. The ceiling is decorated with multi-coloured lights to add even more flair. Despite its modern appearance, the design itself still has that Indian touch to it, thanks to the furniture and interior design. There are plenty of tables but you can expect a crowd during dinner hours so best to make reservations in advance if possible.
Dum pukht
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A great start to the meal is with their tandoori chicken platter ($19) which comes with a mix of chicken tikka, chicken hariyali, and malai tikka. The chicken is perfectly marinated and cooked in their tandoor and served on a hot plate. The meat falls right off as you bite it and has a nice blend of spices but is not too overpowering for those who may not like spicy food.
They also have other great tandoori options such as the tandoori mixed grills platter ($28) which features lamb chops, lamb seekh kebab, chicken tikka, & paneer tikka. It is packed with flavour and full of spices that come with their fragrant rice as well as a mix of veggies and paneer. Dum Pukht’s menu is very extensive so be sure to check it out and find what you like
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For their curries, definitely try their mutton shahi korma ($24) which is a creamy curry with chunks of tender mutton. The sauce itself is very rich in flavour, making for an amazing dish to pair with rice or naan.
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Also, we can’t forget about the Dum-Pukht Biryani ($18-$24) where you can choose from a mix of lamb, mutton or chicken in traditional biryani rice. The meat is cooked in a spicy sauce and layered with saffron rice for an added flavour boost. Make sure to mix the biryani well before eating as that’s when all the great flavours burst out from within!
Overall, Dum Pukht is a great Indian restaurant that will introduce you to a whole other world of spices, flavours and textures. The average dish will range from $15-$25 which makes it great for those who want something more fancy but still affordable. Definitely a great place to check out if you’ve never been!

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