Fudao Noodle House

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Address: 358 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2G4 
Phone: +16473468588

Fudao Noodle House is located in Toronto’s vibrant Chinatown neighbourhood. This noodle house makes rice noodles that are as wonderful as those found in Yunnan and are excellent for a balanced diet. Fudao serves a fusion of noodles and hotpot, with meat toppings simmered for over 10 hours to deliver the best taste and flavour. Come enjoy this comfort meal for a laid-back eating experience at a reasonable price.
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The restaurant offers a chill and vibrant vibe, with lots of seating spaces for comfortable seating. The restaurant is bright, modern, with wall arts and writings and simple furnishings. They also serve their delicious meals in black earthenware and donabe.
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One of the restaurant’s best dishes is their rice noodles, which are made with finely ground rice flour and immediately processed into noodles. If you’re new to the restaurant, start with their curry noodle soup, the broth is to die for; it won’t disappoint. Another must-try is the Tom Yum flavour noodle, which is difficult to get in other places. The new rice noodle, Ginseng chicken soup, includes soft and sweet chicken with nine additional toppings to round out the flavour and a free noodle refill. If you’re still hungry, try one of their sides, such as Teppan grill shrimp with the ideal texture and spice adjustment and a cold pop that goes great with it.
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At Fudao Noodle House, you come hungry and leave stuffed. Every meal served here is fresh and perfect for sharing. If rice noodle is your favourite choice of noodle, this restaurant has the best noodles with excellent topping options and flavours that will have you coming back for more. Visit this hidden gem for delicious meals with unbeatable prices.

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