Gibraltar Point Beach

Photo by Andy Nystrom
Gibraltar Beach is one of Toronto’s hidden gems. Not only is it a Blue Flag beach, but it’s also one of the few beaches that are actually comfortable to walk on barefooted, as it’s rock-free. Hidden away between Hanlan’s Point and Centre island,  this beach is an oasis for beachgoers who wants to spend a day in the sun, without the crowds.
Photo by Robert101
The reason why Gibraltar is not that well-known is that it’s one of the newer beaches in Toronto, as it’s only opened for just over a decade. Also, this beach is located furthest from any ferry terminal, while other beaches like Hanlan’s Point beaches are close by as you get off the ferry.
Since this beach is located on the Toronto Islands, you’ll have to take the Centre Island Ferry to the Mainland Ferry Terminal. Once you get off the ferry, follow the signs which point to Centre Beach, and head west. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can also opt to take the Hanlan’s Point Ferry, which is smaller and quieter.
Once you reach the beach, you’ll be greeted with a scenic beach with smooth sands, clean, deep waters, and a refreshing breeze. The beach is quite exposed, with very little coverage from trees; so it can get windy, even in the summertime.
The view of Lake Ontario from this beach is simply stunning. The water reflects the clear blue sky and it looks as if it’ll never end. And if you look towards the west, you will also have an amazing view of the Mississauga skyline.
Photo by veggiefrog
Once you had your fun on the beach, be sure to check out the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. There is an ominous story behind this lighthouse, where the first lighthouse keeper was murdered by the soldiers of Fort York.

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