Glen Haffy Conservation Park

Photo by: Charlotte🌸 (@char.math)

Address: 19245 Airport Rd, Caledon East, ON L7K 2M9
Phone: +19055842922

Glen Haffy Park, about an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto, is one of the best hiking spots in the city. The park is a great spot to reconnect with nature and have picnics. We’ve all been waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. Now that businesses and attractions are open, add Glen Haffy to the top of your bucket list and enjoy the summer with some outdoor activities.

Things to Do

There are several hiking routes in the park that hikers can enjoy. After approximately a kilometre on the main Bruce path, turn left and look for the huge sign for the Oak Ridges Trail. It’s easy to get confused here, so pay attention when hiking and make sure to download their map. You can find ponds, green space for picking, and also little plants while hiking, such as the great white trillium, Carolina spring beauty, and common dandelions.
The nature view at Glen Haffy while your hiking is unmatched. Many of the trees here are towering, with leaves covering the sky when the light shines through them, illuminating the ground with their shadows, which is the most soothing and tranquil thing to experience. You’ll discover paths designated with the colours green, blue, and red that take 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 45 minutes (respectively) to complete during your hike.


You can spot wildlife like snakes, but one of the main attractions at the park is fishing. If you want to go fishing at Glen Haffy, you’re not required to have a provincial licence, but there is a fee. You can find a lot of rainbow trout that are supplied in the ponds after being hatched and raised in the park. At the upper pond, there are additional fishing areas and washrooms that are suitable for beginners and experienced fishers. Make sure you are not using live bait and respect the catching limits.


The park is also well-kept and perfect for children. The park is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., with a $6.20 entrance fee for adults 14 and above. There are several picnic sites, including two that are shaded, so don’t hesitate to bring your entire family for a day of fun. The park is open from April to September, so don’t miss out on a visit before the season ends.

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