Haidilao Hot Pot

Haidilao Hot Pot
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Address: 5328 Hwy 7 Suite 4, Markham
Telephone: 905-201-9598

Haidilao Hotpot is one of the most popular hot pot chain restaurants in China,  and has over 1500 chain restaurants all over the world and has recently opened in the GTA with two locations in Markham and Scarborough. This hot pot spot is a à la carte restaurant and it’s well known for its quality food and exceptional service.
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The restaurant provides a bright and spacious atmosphere with modern decor. They have large marble tables for your dishes and cushioned booths for added comfort. Below your table, you can find drawers with cutlery, toothpicks and, they will even provide you with an apron, a hair tie, and a ziplock bag for your mask, as hotpot can get messy.
Haidilao Hotpot has an innovative way of serving its guests.
Their menu is on an iPad, and each table has one. You can order your food on the iPad and it will be delivered by a cat-like robot. How cute is that? And it even smiles and winks at you.
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The Haidilao Hotpot has a wide menu, with a variety of soup bases, dishes, dipping sauce, meat, seafood, vegetables, and much more.
You can choose up to 4 flavours , from non-spicy to very spicy. The tomato soup base is a must-try if you do not enjoy spicy broth, but if you do enjoy it, you can’t go wrong with the classic spicy soup base.
There are many dishes you can add to your hot pot, including Haidilao-style noodles, tofu, spicy marinated beef, or any seafood or vegetables that the restaurant offers.
The dishes are freshly made and they are delivered quickly as the robotic service is available.
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The restaurant can be a little pricey as they don’t offer AYCE, however, they are known for being a great experience restaurant.
Haidilao Hotpot welcomes every customer very happily, the staff is very friendly and always ready to help. The restaurant has many amenities including a manicure while you are waiting for your table, and a massage chair for $10 for 20 minutes. Just sounds like a Spa, doesn’t it?
The performance of making noodles with Chinese martial arts or as the customers call it, Noodle dance. It’s an interesting attraction loved by all customers and it’s offered to customers that order the Haidilao-style noodles. It’s an interesting attraction and impresses every customer.
If you want to have a good time with family and friends, here is the place. Haidilao Hotpot will offer you a whole experience with quality food, unforgettable customer service, and unique amenities that will make you want to come back!

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