Hakka Ren

Hakka Ren
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Phone: +1 (905) 568-1818
Address: 4555 Hurontario St C2, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3M1

Hakka Ren is a casual restaurant found in the Mississauga area. They use fresh ingredients to bring out the flavour in their dishes. They put their own spin on traditional Hakka dishes with international cooking styles. Hakka Ren is also perfect for hosting a large gathering, as they have party trays meant for 10 or 30 people with a variety of options from appetizers to main dishes.    
Hakka Ren 3
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The restaurant focuses on having trendy decor. The walls are lined with white stones while the tables and chairs offer a contrast with their darker colours. You’ll find Chinese lanterns hanging above the ceiling for a fun ambience. The floors are tiled giving it a smooth finish with a marbled look. The counter is decorated with small plants and figurines to liven up the atmosphere. Whether you arrive as a big group or an intimate gathering, they will have a table for you.
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We recommend starting with the Chicken Treasure Fried Rice. This dish combines rice, noodles and crispy noodles to make an enticing dish. Not only do you get texture from the soft and crispy food, the noodles and rice complement each other well. The chicken itself adds another dimension to the dish. They are cut into bite-size pieces and enhance the flavour of each bite. The vegetables also help give an extra crunch to this meal.
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You could enjoy some delicious vegetable pakora with your meal. This dish is stuffed with vegetables and lightly battered for a crispy texture. If you’d like some spice with this dish, we recommend the mild pakoras with the green chilli sauce as a side. Every bite of this delectable treat comes with the taste of onions and spices. This dish is fried to perfection and complements any meal.
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End your meal with the Hot & Sour Soup. While you get the choice of adding chicken or shrimp to the dish, we suggest going with the classic chicken option. You could be full from the rest of the meal and still have the stomach to enjoy this mouthwatering dish. The rich broth gets a lot of flavour from the chicken, soy sauce, and pepper. The vegetables added to the soup give it a nice crunch.
Hakka Ren is a must-try restaurant for Hakka cuisine. The prices range from $6 – $15 here and they give a variety of choices from appetizers to desserts. This is a great place for casual dining with friends in Toronto.

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