Hanlan’s Point Beach

This is a public beach located in the Toronto Islands, right by the shores of Lake Ontario. This beach stretches across 1km in length, and it’s famously known as the only nude beach in Toronto, meaning clothing is optional. So take precautions, if you’re planning a family trip to this beach. But if you want to live it up, and be free from the shackles of being clothed in public, this beach is perfect for you.

Photo by Marcin Wichary
Since Hanlan Point is located in the Toronto Islands, this means you’ll need to take the ferry to reach here. As you arrive at Hanlan’s Point ferry terminal, you’ll immediately see a sign which points to the direction where the clothing-optional beach lies.
Photo by Lone Primate
This beach is not for the faint of heart, as you are likely to see things that you wouldn’t want to see out in the open. Here you may find naked beachgoers enjoying a nice sunbath on the sands, groups of people having a nice barbeque by the water, the possibilities here are endless.
Nudity aside, Hanlan’s Point Beach is a clean, beautiful beach with a spectacular view of Toronto’s skyline. If you want a memorable trip to the beach, Hanlan’s Point Beach will surely deliver.

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