Happy Lamb Hot pot

Happy Lamb Hot pot
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Address: 421 Dundas St W Toronto, ON 
Phone: 416-792-8885

Happy Lamb Hot Pot is a global hot pot chain with three locations in the GTA, including Chinatown, Scarborough, and Mississauga. Happy Lamb is a casual AYCE hot pot restaurant offering Mongolian-style hot pot at affordable prices when compared to most AYCE hot pot spots in the GTA. Here you can order as much as you’d like from their extensive list of hot pot ingredients, as well as  self-serve stations that you can visit at your leisure.
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Happy Lamb provides a casual dining environment with a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for small group gatherings with its cushioned booth seatings and large marble tables. The restaurant also features a sauce bar where you can create your own special dipping sauces to dip your cooked ingredients in. A personal favourite is a mix of soy sauce, garlic, green onions, and chili oil.
Right next to the sauce bar you will also find a side dish station where you can grab yourself some ready-to-eat dishes while you wait for your ingredients to cook. Additionally, unlike most hot pot restaurants in Toronto, they even have a self-serve drink station with your choice of water, soy milk, and plum juice. If you need something to cool you off after something spicy, plum juice is the way to go.
Another cool thing about Happy Lamb is that they are starting to use robot servers which is becoming a trend in hot pot restaurants. When you visit, be sure to say hi to Bella who will be bringing food to your table!
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Happy Lamb offers a great menu with an affordable All-You-Can-Eat price. AYCE lunch is $17,99+tax, and dinner is $25,99+Tax per individual, and they also have Children AYCE for $11.99+tax.
To start your meal, you first have to choose your soup base.
If you would like to try something spicy, you can get their Spicy Butter Hot Pot. This broth has a nice tingle to it thanks to the peppercorns which they used. If you’re not a fan of spice, then the Tomato Broth or Clear Broth are probably your best bet. The tomato broth has the rich taste of tomato, and the clear broth is on the milder side but still packed with flavour from the herbs used. If you’re in the mood for something different, they also have Special Hot and Sour Broth, for those a tangy sour taste.
What’s cool about a hot pot is that the flavour of the broth changes depending on what ingredients you put inside. For meats, I highly recommend their angus beef and pork belly. But of course, you can’t forget about their AAA lamb which they’re known for. As for veggies, this is down to your personal preference. A fun ingredient is the enoki mushrooms which has a satisfying texture everytime you bite into it, plus it taste great.
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As you are stuffed from the hot pot, you can’t leave without trying their delicious Green Tea and Red Bean Ice Cream. The refreshing taste of green tea and red bean is the perfect dessert after a spicy and sweat-inducing hot pot!
If you are looking to have a Mongolian Hot Pot experience with your family and friends, Happy Lamb will be the perfect place for you! With a large selection of options available at an affordable price, you definitely will enjoy this place. Just make sure to come early as this place gets crowded fast!

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