Hey Noodles

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Address: 478 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G9
 Phone: +16473528999

Hey Noodles is well-known for its excellent bowls of noodles, particularly Xiăo Miàn, among other delicacies. When they launched their first restaurant in Chinatown six years ago, they took the city by storm. To meet the growing demand, they opened six additional sites soon after opening their first store. We can’t wait for more locations to be open to get our noodle fix. Hey Noodles have brought the real taste of Chinese cuisine to Toronto, with flavourful dishes you can’t afford to miss.
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Hey Noodles is a perfect place to try some good food at a reasonable price. Hey Noodles is a casual restaurant in the heart of the city with nice sitting areas suitable for small and large groups. The restaurant is decorated with traditional Chinese wall art and some modern light fixtures, wall shelves with plants, and floor tiles with patterns that are eye-catchy but not distracting to the eye—giving it both a modern and traditional feel.
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Many customers have described the majority of their menu as spicy yet tasty, and packed with different flavours. If you want a less spicy alternative, try their clear potato noodles with pork belly; the meat is tender and goes well with their Ice Jelly drinks that are refreshing. Hot & Sour Sweet Potato Vermicelli, where the broth is incredibly flavorful, is another dish you must try. Don’t forget about their incredible toppings, especially the fresh-roasted peanuts and the soy egg.
Another menu item you should try is their BBQ charcoal chicken skewers, which are available at their Markham location and are perfect for summer BBQ and patio season. They have generous serving sizes and, if you dine in, they even provide free refill noodles for each bowlyou will be stuffed. The one drawback is that the restaurant does not accept credit cards and has a $30 minimum purchase for debit cards, so don’t forget to bring cash.
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Hey Noodles is the place to go if you want some spicy noodle delicacies. Nobody likes soggy noodles, so Hey Noodles separates the broth from the noodles before serving. You can always adjust your spice level when ordering; however, the medium-hot may be too spicy if you don’t eat spice on a regular basis. Visit one of their restaurants near you and enjoy some delicious noodles in a vibrant atmosphere.

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