How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Toronto

As the gig economy continues to provide flexible job opportunities for Canadians, one particular role that is gaining popularity is being an Uber driver. But how much can you really earn from this side hustle and specifically, what is the average Uber driver salary in Toronto? From hourly rates to influencing factors and strategies for maximizing income, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of Uber driver earnings.

The Basics: Uber Driver Hourly Pay

To paint a clear picture, we must start with the foundational data. According to the figures from Talent, the average annual income for an Uber driver in Canada hovers around $38,025, equating to an hourly pay of about $19.50. For those just starting out in the Uber business, the yearly earnings average at $37,323. On the other hand, experienced drivers tend to earn slightly more, reaching an average annual income of around $40,151 ($20.59 per hour).

  • Average salary for Entry-level drivers
    • Annual: $37,323
    • Monthly: $3,110.25
    • Bi-weekly: $1,435.50
    • Weekly: $717.75
    • Daily: $143.55
  • Average salary for Experienced drivers
    • Annual: $40,151
    • Monthly: $3,345.92
    • Bi-weekly: $1,544.27
    • Weekly: $772.13
    • Daily: $154.43

The Influence of Location on Uber Driver Salary

The average Uber driver earnings vary according to geographic location. A higher demand is observed in cities as compared to rural areas, therefore leading to differential pay scales across various provinces. Interestingly, in Ontario, the annual income stands at $44,596.50, or $22.87 per hour, which is 14% above the national average.

Factors Affecting Uber Driver Income in Toronto

Apart from geographic location, several other factors also influence the Uber driver salary.

  1. The timing of rides: Choosing peak hours and days can lead to increased earnings due to the surge in demand.
  2. The frequency of driving: The more you drive, the more you earn.
  3. Kind of vehicle: Luxury vehicles used for Uber Lux and Uber Black yield higher earnings than standard UberX or UberXL.
  4. Operational and insurance costs: From car maintenance to insurance protection, these expenses impact net earnings.
  5. The need to report and file earnings with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings as an Uber Driver in Toronto

The following tips can come in handy for those aiming to increase their Uber driver income:

  1. Take advantage of surge pricing, especially during peak hours and on holidays.
  2. Maintain a clean and orderly car to enhance your riders’ experience and receive better ratings.
  3. Understand the city routes and rush hours to save time and fuel.
  4. Use the Uber passenger app to identify less congested areas.

Becoming an Uber Driver in Toronto

If the idea of setting your own schedule and earning an additional income with Uber is enticing to you, here are the basics to becoming an Uber driver in Canada:

  1. Be at least 21 years old with a minimum of 3 years of driving experience.
  2. Possess valid vehicle insurance and up-to-date vehicle registration.
  3. Meet the Uber vehicle requirements and provincial stipulations for driver’s license types.


The Uber driver’s role presents an intriguing example of the flexibilities offered by the gig economy. As long as you own a reliable vehicle and can navigate the complex streets of Toronto effectively, you’re well-equipped to maximize your earnings in this flourishing industry.


  • In Toronto, Uber drivers tend to earn an amount above the national average, largely influenced by location, time of day or week, frequency of driving, vehicle type, and more.
  • Uber driver’s earnings in Ontario are about 14% above the national average.
  • Multiple strategies can help Uber drivers in Toronto maximize their earnings, ranging from choosing surge pricing to maintaining vehicle cleanliness.
  • Meeting specific requirements, such as the legal age limit, valid insurance and adherence to vehicle standards, are prerequisites to becoming an Uber driver in Toronto.

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