Humber Bay Park

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Address: 100 Humber Bay Park Rd W, Toronto, ON M8V 3X7
Phone: +14163922489

Humber Bay Park and Tommy Thompson are quite similar. This lakefront park stretches over Lake Ontario and is next to Mimico waterfront park on the city’s west end. The park is a great place to go bird watching and observe the cityscapes. Furthermore, the park is also a wonderful spot for nature walks in Toronto’s natural habits, as well as various water activities. If you’re bored of being at home or in the city, this park is a great place to go for a relaxing and peaceful day without having to drive far.

Things To do

Kayaking beneath the Humber Bay Bridge is one of the best things to do at this waterfront park. The arch bridge offers a perfect viewing of the Humber River, while also being ideal for bicycling, jogging, and walking. One of the nicest things about the bridge is that when you’re done walking, it joins the Martin Goodman trail, which is a well-known and lengthy trail that runs all the way to downtown Toronto.

The bridge is also a popular photo location, especially for weddings. The bridge is well-lit at night, making it perfect for a nighttime stroll. When it comes to lights and kayaking, peep the light-up kayak beneath the bay bridge in the photo above. There is no better spot for night kayaking than under the Humber Bay Bridge. If you are interested in getting these illuminated kayaks, check out 10 Best Kayak Rentals in Toronto.

It’s an understatement to say that the sunset view from Humber Bay Park is magical. Several viewing spots around the park provide spectacular views of city skylines and sunsets reflecting on the water. The park is divided into two sections, each of which is ideal for lake viewing and offers distinct facilities.
The Humber Bay West Park features a viewing point (Etobicoke Point) on the far end of the park that gives a beautiful view of the lake and is excellent for picnics, hiking, and photography. There’s also a yacht club and a dog park on this side of the park. The park can get crowded, so arrive early to get the best spots.
The Humber Bay West is a fantastic spot for viewing the lake and sunset. One of the main attractions here is the Humber bay Butterfly habitat and lovely patios and trails for having a nice lunch and walk. You could easily spend a whole day cycling, relaxing in the grass, and taking up the sun and fresh air.


The Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so anybody interested can enjoy the flower-filled garden and butterflies. The best time to spot monarch butterflies is during summer, in the first three weeks of September. Don’t forget to bring your cameras; there are a variety of species to see at Humber Bay parks, including Ring-billed gulls, Red-necked grebes, White-throated sparrows, and many more. Other animals you can enjoy observing are mink, fox, and beavers.
Pets are welcome at the park, so don’t worry about leaving your furry friends at home. Not only are pets permitted, but there is also a dog park on the west side of the park. There is a lot of green space for your dogs to run around, play, and even swim in the lake.


The park offers a lot of parking spots, both free and paid. You can park for free at Humber Bay Rd E, which is free from October to April and during the summer (May-Sept), it is free until 5 pm. However, there is a charge during the weekends after 9:00 am. There is also paid Green P parking nearby, and a Mimico waterfront paid parking spot with plenty of space.


Humber Bay Park is one of our favourite places to go for a beautiful lake view and some fresh air with family and friends. Although the Humber bay water has passed the water quality test, be cautious when swimming as the city of Toronto does not regulate the Humber bay waters.

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