Hyderabad Palace

Hyderbad palace
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Phone: +1 (647) 786-0030
Address: 4810 Sheppard Ave E #208, Scarborough, ON M1S 4N6

Hyderabad Palace is a counter shop in Scarborough known for its quick service and delicious Indian dishes. Not only is this an Indian eatery but they also serve halal food as well. You get your money’s worth at this shop with some great options to choose from. The price ranges from $8 – $16 at this restaurant. They serve everything from rice to seafood dishes and are can easily accommodate a larger group as well. 
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This is a great shop to visit if you like food on the go. The brightly lit place has a lighter decor with white walls and simple decorations. A lot of the dishes are put on display so you know exactly what you get when you order the food. Some meals do take a while to prepare but the wait time isn’t long here.
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There are so many great biriyani options to choose from but we recommend trying the mutton biriyani. The mutton is marinated overnight so that the flavouring really enriches the meat. The meat is then topped with basmati rice, herbs and fried onion. You’ll also get some nice aromas from the saffron added to this dish. There are also options to try the chicken, veal or vegetarian biriyani.
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If you’d like something to snack on during the meal Pani Puri is a good option for you. This is a deep-fried ball spiced with masala powder and topped with a variety of sauces to give it that unique taste. This is a popular street food in India because it’s really flavourful and can be eaten on the go. This dish is most commonly enjoyed with chutneys but can be eaten by itself as well.
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End your meal with one of the many desserts offered at this shop. You could try some rich caramel pudding or go for the sweet gulab jamen. If you’d like something more simple we recommend trying the rice kheer. This rice pudding is flavoured with cardamom and gets its crunch from the nuts added to the dish. It gives out a fragrant aroma with every bite of the creamy dessert.
Hyderabad Palace not only has a lot of great halal food options when it comes to their cuisine but they’re also very reasonably priced. Their great quality food comes from the fresh ingredients used for their dishes.

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