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The Annex is a mostly student filled neighborhood because of its proximity to the University of Toronto downtown. In addition to their being fraternity houses because of the residents, there are many restaurants and entertainment centers there. This is a mostly residential neighborhood with houses from the late 19th century. They are actually being used as apartment complexes and host many people in the building. But the services in the neighborhood more than make up for the lack of space. You can find 4 subway stations for transit in this area the St George station, Spadina, Bathurst, and Dupont. You can find many food trucks around this area as well for cheap but delicious food. From poutine to shawarma whatever you're in the mood for the Annex has it ready. The places and things here are meant to be affordable because of the student demographic.

Avenue and Lawrence

Avenue and Lawrence is more on the expensive side. But because of that, this neighborhood has high-class entertainment from gourmet restaurants to fancy boutiques. In fact, the original high-end grocery store Pusateri’s can be found here. They offer only the highest quality of food and have been known for their variety of options of prepared food. This is a mostly residential area with houses for families. Since this neighborhood is meant for the wealthy you can find private schools nearby for the children. You can reach downtown Toronto in 20 minutes from this neighborhood and it is also on the route for Highway 401. The closer you are to this neighborhood the more you’ll have to pay to live there with the area boasting houses worth a million dollars. People living in this area make a yearly income between $170 000 to $300 000 to meet their everyday needs here.

Baby Point

This is a small neighborhood overlooking the Humber River. This river has lured many fishermen to try the area for their hobbies as salmon can be frequently found here. It is also very scenic because of the parks and natural land. Many come to visit this area during the holidays for their offers of relaxation and history. You can find restaurants along Jane and Arnette streets if you’re feeling peckish. While the neighborhood boasts its natural settings it doesn’t mean that is all it provides. You can find many vintage shops and bars in this area plus there isn’t much traffic here as well. In case you’re looking for something more recreational try the Baby Point Club. It has tennis courts, bowling and parties to go to. While Baby Point is a smaller neighborhood it is a great place to come to if you want to get away from the overcrowded city. Houses in this neighborhood can cost up to $1.7 M but it is worth it for the easy access to transit.

Baldwin Village

This neighborhood is filled with restaurants and cafes. Many of the houses in this area have long been changed to fulfill entertainment needs. But many apartment complexes are still looking for tenants. This is one of the cheaper places to live in and its proximity to cafes and other necessities makes it a wonderful place to reside in. If you’re only looking for a visit there is a family-owned inn in the area. For $110 per night, you can enjoy the quaint neighborhood. Baldwin Village is found in downtown Toronto and has seen its fair share of concerts and events. But this area also has a historic significance. This was the neighborhood where protests for the Vietnam War occurred. If you’re looking for an alternative lifestyle with lots of social fun then this is the place for you. The Art Gallery of Ontario can also be found here. One of the more popular museums is free on Wednesdays night 6pm - 9pm for some entertainment.

Bayview And Leaside

This is a bigger area than most neighborhoods because it is connected to the industrial Laird area. There are a variety of ways to entertain yourself from bookstores to cafes. If you’re looking for a little mystery reading, try out The Sleuth of Baker Street. The bookstore caters to your reading needs. This is a great way to spend time indoors reading a book with a cup of coffee. Coincidentally there are three coffee cafes around this area to choose from. If you’re in the mood for some trend try the nail salons and clothing stores in the area. This neighborhood has music shops, sports, and bakeries so spend a wonderful time here. Sky Zone, a famous trampoline park area can also be found here. It is entertaining for people of all ages and its group fitness is cheaper than most gyms. If you’re looking for a popular hangout you should try Bayview and Leaside.


It is aptly named because of the 4 beaches nearby. This location is a great area to have some fun and it’s cottage housing only adds to the ambiance. But there are many types of housing in this area from the Victorian style to the more modern ones. It has a great shopping experience for any visitors along the Queen Street Strip. Many restaurants and shops line this street selling their wares and they have a large park in this area for many popular events. For all music lovers if you go to the Kew Gardens in July you can witness an international jazz festival. But you can enjoy the park year-round from the tennis courts in the summer to the ice skating in the wintertime. While this may seem like a wonderland the neighborhood takes their education seriously. Their schools offer high-quality education for their students. For those looking to move to this area, they should feel secure in knowing that they’re 20 minutes from downtown Toronto and it is a great place to settle down with a family.


This area is beginning to revitalize again with its restaurants and vintage shops. You’ll find many building in this area for businesses and few who choose to live here as tenants. This is in part because of the poor condition of housing in this neighborhood. There are subway stops at Ossington and Dufferin stations if there is a need to travel anywhere. For the geeks out there check out the Site 3 coLaboratory in this studio. You can find anything from medieval gear that lights up to workshops on making a film from Gameboys. Don’t waste time and add this to your to-do list. If you start feeling hungry from your visit try the most popular restaurant there the Banjara. It is an Indian restaurant with the best butter chicken and biryani. With a rating of 4.3 stars, you can’t go wrong. Bloorcourt has a great variety of cafes, galleries and shops so take your time and visit the area.

Bloordale Village

This is another revitalizing area but it makes up for it with its amazing shops and galleries. Bloordale Village is slowly becoming a trendy place to visit. If you’re looking for an interesting place to eat try the Seoul Shakers they make iconic Korean snacks with great cocktails. If you’re an artist then the Mercer Union is the place to be. The architect who built this building also created Casa Loma so you’re already in for a treat. This gallery contains both audio and visual media to gawk at and the artist will receive a workshop to help them create art that works with the space. If you’re into vintage try Ransack the Universe a shop for vintage goods like records, accessories, and crafts. This store chooses to break the mold from mass-produced products by selling unique things. It’s also easy to travel here with stations in Lansdowne and Dufferin.

Bloor West Village

This neighborhood is very close to High Park. One of the more scenic parks in Toronto, it boasts a beautiful cherry blossom bloom every year for visitors to take pictures of. But that’s not all from plays to an outdoor pool the park has everything. This neighborhood may be a suburb with residents in the age range of 25-40 years old but the area still has a lot to give. There are many festivals in Bloor West Village throughout the year the most notable being the Ukraine festival in September. Come enjoy the food and music you’ll have a blast. In December the area also participates in the Cavalcade of Lights. For a culinary and visual experience try the Flame Food + Design. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant with an all-day cafe open upstairs serving French crepes. There are two subway stations in this area, the Runneymede and the Jane station. Both can go directly downtown as well.

Brockton Village

This neighborhood is influenced by the Portugal culture so you’ll find many shops and restaurants that reflect this. If you’re looking for baked goods look no further than OMG Baked Goodness. The shop is one of the more popular bakeries with charming decor. With offers of savory and sweet foods, this is a must-go bakery. If you’re looking to try something different check out Archive Tattoo Studio. Just walk in and get your own original tattoo. They will take their time with consultations to make sure you get exactly what you want. Maybe you just want to have a good time then try out the Wallflower, a candlelit bar with changing menus. Visi for the quiet ambiance and fancy dishes. There are buses that can take you to the subway station for those that don’t want to drive so enjoy yourselves here.


This neighborhood has many restored Victorian houses, parks, and farmland. Come peruse through the weekly farm market and get your fresh produce. If you’re looking to eat out instead try Kingyo Izakaya, a popular Japanese restaurant. With beautiful dishes, this has become the go-to place to eat. If you’re in the mood for coffee look no further than Jet Fuel. Many enthusiasts come for the artwork and music. Try the creamy coffee with the flakey pastries and have a good time. If you’re looking for something more family-friendly try the Riverdale Farm. It’s free of charge and always open so visit the cute animals there. They’re friendly and love to meet people. If you’re looking to say overnight there’s a bed and breakfast available. A Seaton Dream uses ingredients from their own garden to come up with ideas. Try the quaint place for your stay.

Canary District

This neighborhood is located in downtown Toronto and was originally built to host the Pan Am games. This is a very spacious area with a lot of greenery. There are many hiking trails and parks found in this area. If you’re looking to be more in tune with nature try the Corktown Common Park. It is an 18-acre area popular for its barbecue spots playgrounds and water parks. Just because the area is Green it doesn’t mean the transit system is neglected. In the Canary District, you can find streetcars and subways to help you travel wherever you want to go. Whether it’s to grab a quick bite at the Sukhothai known to offer Toronto’s best pad thai and khao soi. Or maybe if you’re in the mood for coffee try the Dark Horse Espresso, a cozy shop you can relax in. If you choose to live in this area you may just be residing in one of the buildings where the athletes for the 2015 Pan Am Games lived.

Castlefield Design District

If you’re into interior design you will love this neighborhood. Lined here is an abundance of stores for designers. From furniture stores to rugs they have everything you need to furnish your home. If you’re looking for unusual items for your home try Elke Mkt. For the people who want to keep their individuality, this is the perfect place to find some interesting decorations. Home design stores aren’t the only things you’ll find here. If you’re looking for a bargain then try Designer Fragrances Depot. You can find items for as cheap as $1 from clothes to nail polish. They offer vintage wear for both men and women so check out this store. With all the shopping you’re bound to want to replenish your energy. We recommend trying the Uncle Tetsu store in the area. This location isn’t as crowded as the other ones on weekdays so no need for long lines to get your cheesecake.


When you think of Chinatown you think about bubble tea. Many shops are scattered around this neighborhood from the popular One Zo to the delicious Coco tea shops. It is a bubble tea lover enthusiast paradise. But that’s not all you should sample, try the best food in the area Juicy Dumplings. For $3.25 you can get 6 pieces of soup dumplings. It may be the most popular dish but you can’t go wrong with any food at this place from the seafood pancakes to the breaded shrimp. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth try the Chinese bakery in the area. With $1 you can get three pineapple buns. Look around the store for their delicious recipes. Don’t let their simple look fool you each baked good is filled with deliciousness. Of course, food isn’t the only thing that’s wonderful about Chinatown. You can find karaoke bars to hang out with your friends and sing your hearts out. 8090 KTV features a lot of songs in a variety of languages from Mandarin, Japanese to English. Their store is hard to miss with their glowing sign so stop in for a visit.

Church Wellesley Village

If you’re looking for the trendiest collection of stores and cafes Church Wellesley Village is the place to go. This village is mainly known by the LGBTQ community for the annual Pride parade they host. The neighborhood is known for its inclusiveness since the 90s and many people of the community resided there because of the freedom it provided. While Canada is more inclusive now this neighborhood is a tourist attraction for those curious and the first thing they want to try are the bars. If you’re looking forward to bar-hopping we recommend trying Storm Crow Manor Toronto first. Completely different from a classic bar this is for the TV fans out there who want to discuss Game of Thrones instead of sports. You can play board games and take pictures in rooms that look like Star Wars. This drink itself is nothing to gloss over either try the glowing cocktails or find secret passageways. This bar is chock full of surprises but so is the whole area so check it out.


This area has a lot of places to visit from the popular CN Tower to the Ripley's aquarium below. It doesn’t matter if you have already been to the top before nothing beats seeing the tower light up in the night time of the city view provided through the glass below. Ripley’s Aquarius has gotten many people excited about their new exhibitions for people of all ages. No matter how many times you visit you can never get enough from the color-changing jellyfish to the silver fishes. But not everyone is interested in such views so for the sports fans try the Rogers Center. If you’re into baseball it is the perfect place to visit as it is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. With all the cool attractions the restaurant here has also been fighting to keep up. The most popular by far is the Morning after known for their brunch menu offering large portions of food for anyone whether hungover or not you’ll find the menu delicious.


This is one of the older neighborhoods in Toronto but it is becoming popular because of the affordable housing in this area. You’ll find beautiful Victorian row houses that date back to the 1850s. But there are also studio lofts and other modern residences being made. People come here to try Roselle Desserts, a french patisserie that makes the sweetest goods you can find. The food sometimes looks too good to eat. But once you start you can’t stop. There aren’t many places to shop in this area but the lively atmosphere and the proximity to St Lawrence Market make up for it. It’s also pretty easy to travel in this area. There are streetcars that can take you to the Spadina station and the drivers are close to the highway as well. Especially if you’re only staying for a few nights. Try the Ivy at Verity once a chocolate factory this is now a beautiful hotel with heated floors and terraces for views. Come enjoy your stay.

Corsa Italia

This neighborhood is very family-friendly with Italian themed restaurants easily found along the streets. There is a lot of history in this area so there are many tours around the city for food and wine. But for those that want to keep fit, there are many mixed martial arts gyms to try out. The most popular is Axe Capoeira, a gym that teaches Afro-Brazillian martial arts. But you can try things from dance to gymnastics here as well. For those who’re looking to be more environmentally friendly try May Flowers, a free trade flower shop that cares about the workers as well as the flowers they sell. The best part is that they are all locally grown. If you’re looking for some sweet food after the visit try La Paloma, the best gelato place in Toronto. With about 50 flavors to choose from you’re given a lot of choices to choose from. Trying the creamy gelato here is one of the highlights of the area.


If you’re looking for authentic Greek and other Mediterranean food we recommend trying out Danforth. The most popular restaurant is Messini known for its huge pita wraps and other delicious meals. Not only is the food affordable for the huge portion sizes but you get a variety with the menu too. If you’re looking for baked goods you can’t go wrong with Van Doughnuts. Since it is a gourmet doughnut shop it’s a bit on the expensive side but each doughnut has its own twist of flavor to them making the money well spent. While Danforth is known for the food it doesn’t mean that there are other things for fun. There are many nail salons that can be found in this area. But the most popular is Tips Nail Bar with quality service and manicures that stay for weeks. Their complex patterned nails are a must-see. After all that fun, why not go to Dora Keoug for some drinks. Their beer is imported and they play music there as well.

Danforth East

This neighborhood maybe, because of its proximity to Danforth is also very known for its food. One of the more popular places is the Wren, a pub in the area. They not only serve cheap beer and wine but they also introduce a selection of pub food from sausages to a quinoa chimichurri salad. Customers enjoy the friendly service and cozy atmosphere. But if you’re looking for a bit more fun try Mom’s Basement. It’s a retro arcade with VHS tapes, consoles and cheap beer. You can also buy some snacks to munch on while you’re playing. It’s a colorfully lit place meant to bring you back to the 70s.Enjoy this immersive experience and get ready for the nostalgia. This won’t be the only thing bringing back memories though if you’re missing the Italian baked goods try North Pole Bakery. Each dessert is fully prepared only when ordered with the traditional recipes dating back from the 1970s. The delicious desserts are what brings everyone here.

Davenport Village

This neighborhood is being redeveloped to add more townhouses and condos but before that there was mostly retail in the area. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t already great hangouts in the area. Take The Gem for example, a pub with a rock and roll theme that's been in the neighborhood for 35 years. Not only is it decorated with vintage items like the jukebox but you get huge portions of food for low prices. Take the nachos served there, for $14 you can eat with 4 friends. There are even vegetarian food options available in the menu so everyone can join in. For those who want more than just the food we recommend trying out Sugarbomb. It’s a place where you can get custom made shirts, hoodies or armbands. For those that feel like they want something that’s completely them give this place a look. While you’re waiting for your shirts to get printed out, why not go to Flip Collectable, a store with all things pop culture from comics to sports. They have a wide collection to look through so take your time in there.

Distillery District

The Distillery District is a blast from the past from the Victorian houses to the lack of cars on the road. Check out the arts galleries you’ll find along the way with both local and international art. The most popular is the Arta Gallery. Its constantly changing exhibitions are a must see attraction. Although if you’re looking for photographic art we recommend trying the Corkin Gallery. Everything from the way the museum looks to the art there screams unusual work. Being called the Distillery District they must have some good alcohol here. With this neighborhood's past in the brewery you’ll find some amazing concoctions here. A good one is the Stirling Room known more for their cocktails than the German beer on tap. The stylish ambience intimate space makes it a worthwhile bar to try out. You can take a break in this lounge after the long walk especially at Christmas time where the Christmas Market is lit up on the streets with a winter wonderland vibe being set. Look for the goods and foods sold at the stands during the time they won’t disappoint.

Don Mills

If you’re going to Don Mills you have to try checking out Oomomo. A Japanese store with everything from face masks to stationary. Not only is everything cute and fun to look at but they are also pretty useful items. They can be bought for pretty cheap as well so it won’t dent your wallet. If you’re looking for more clothing options we suggest going to Oak + Fort. You can find simply but classic clothes in the store at an affordable price. No more do you have to worry about matching your clothes, their designs look good with anything. The store goes for the minimalist look and this is easily found in the way the area sets up as well. After the shopping is well and done why not stop by Allwyn’s Bakery a Caribbean restaurant. They only accept cash for the food but it is worth it to have one of their jerk chicken sandwiches. Their store has a huge base of loyal customers who can’t get enough of the food.

Dovercourt Village

This neighborhood has everything from galleries to cafes. One of the more popular galleries is InterAccess for the more tech savvy viewers. This is the perfect place to look at art. But they also host workshops to teach people how to make circuits and guitar pedals. On Wednesdays people can also visit for free so check it out. For a quick break stop by at Hub Coffee House. With organic desserts and coffee this is the place to be. Their menu is wonderful and it’s cheaper than what you’d find at a Starbucks so why not give it a try. If you’re looking to get some shopping done try out Sandalman. It specializes in leather goods from selling items to repairing them. If you’re into leather look into this store. You’ll never find another store so specialized with this material. When you’re in this neighborhood you have to stop by for some handmade pasta at Famiglia Baldassarre. Everything is made fresh and the quality taste draws people in.

Dundas West

This neighborhood is pretty popular downtown since a lot of attractions can be found here. They have specialty shops in the area and it caters to a huge demographic. One of those shops would be Easy Tiger. For those with an artistic side this is the perfect place to buy items. Listen to some jazz music while you peruse through the items. Whether you’re looking to buy something for yourself or a friend try out this shop. For those looking for a different experience like getting a tattoo they should try Imperial Tattoo, a custom parlour that gains their popularity from word of mouth from satisfied customers. If you want to try getting a unique tattoo of your own try Imperial Tattoo. Maybe you’re just looking for a bit of fun, not something so permanent if that's the case why not try Grasshopper Records, a music store that sells records. Take a look around and play a few before you choose. You’ll be surprised with what you hear.

East Chinatown

This neighborhood is known for their wonderful atmosphere and cheap food. A popular restaurant in the area is Lady Marmalade, a brunch place that serves eggs benedicts and poutine. Their menu includes options for those who are vegetarian or gluten allergic as well making them more inclusive of their customers. It’s a great place to bring friends and coworkers because of the friendly environment. After the brunch if you’re in the mood for something sweet try Wong’s Ice Cream taking a twist on traditional flavored desserts this place adds their own flavors like wasabi honey or chocolate yuzu. This place doesn’t just sell ice cream though you can find snacks and other grocery items here all Asian themed of course. There are also gluten free and vegan options available at this store. So why wait to try out this wonderful store. You can find many bakeries in the area as well if you're in the mood for pastries.

East York

Although this is a mostly residential area it doesn;t mean that there aren't fun places to try in the neighborhood. For those into DIY projects RE:Style Studio is the place to go. Learn how to make everything you need for your interior home from helpful workshops. Learn skills such as welding, dewing and other crafts to make your dream come true from scratch or remake your old pieces. Maybe you’re looking for a nice place to lounge in. If that's the case try Donlands Diner a retro restaurant with hearty options. Try thy pork chops and fried chicken there while reminiscing about the fifties. The colorful food and diner are a must try. If you want to keep going try out the Treehouse Collectables, a comic book shop that also sells figurines and other items. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DC or Marvel fan, they have a wide selection of comics to choose from. With all the fun in the neighborhood you’re going to need some energy to keep going. We recommend trying the Ballissimo Loukoumades Bar, a Greek bakery that specializes in freshly made honey balls. Delicious and beautiful to look at you need to try these pastries.

Eglinton West

While Eglinton West is mainly used to travel between neighborhoods there are some nice places in the area to have fun. If you’re looking for a food hangout with friends you’ll find many restaurants in this area to suit your needs. The Aish Tanoor is one of the more popular ones in the neighborhood. Their speciality is in Middle Eastern food. Buy some delicious shawarma with some mushroom hummus to give a kick of flavor. The smell anole should draw you in without us having to recommend the store. If you want to try something healthy, delicious, and authentic, you should try the Bi Bim Bap, a Korean restaurant that’s taking the neighborhood by stride. They try making their recipes suitable for the Canadian palate while still keeping their foods Korean authenticity and it creates some amazing dishes. There are a lot of shops in the area from retail to cafes to look into.

Entertainment District

This neighborhood is aptly named. From nightclubs to movie theatres this area has it all. So if you’re looking for a fun day out you have to try the Entertainment District. For the book lovers we suggest frequenting the Penguin Shop. Although it looks small you’d be surprised with the amount of books in the store. For those looking for other forms of entertainment we suggest the Second City, a comedy club in the area. The shows performed here are very well received with a loyal following of customers. For those looking to dance try the Rock n Horse Saloon, a western theme place that includes line dancing, bull riding and great drinks. If you want to get wild this is the place to be. Anyone wanting something more family friendly should try the Par-Tee Putt, an indoor mini golf course. Each course has a TV show theme and a menu to order from when you get hungry. The Entertainment District is fun for everyone.


This is a suburban area with a lot of families residing here. There are a lot of ways to commute from here by bus, subway, plane or train. There are 4 stations near here: the Kipling, Islington, Royal York, and Old Mill. All help keep the neighborhood connected to the rest of Toronto. Although people prefer using their cars to get around. There are many interesting things to find in the area from murals painted on the sides of buildings to a 19th century tavern. Since Etobicoke is near the Humber River you can see some beautiful lakeside parks in the area. Although one of the bigger attractions is the Humber Bay Arch Bridge overlooking the river and with a great view of the CN Tower its a must see. The area also has a beautiful butterfly garden. It looks like it came from straight out of a story book with wildflowers, tall grass and meadows. There are a lot of wonderful landmarks to see here too from the lighthouses to the gazebo. So take a trip to the area.

Financial District

The financial District is named for the businesses in the area. From low firms to banking companies you’ll find a multitude of industries in the area. What makes this place so popular for people is the PATH, underground walkways lined with shops all beneath the businesses. It's connected to hotels and subway stations for ease of access and has many people travelling the area. Lined with shops and cafes you’re never lacking for somewhere to eat. People really enjoy going to Momofuku, a restaurant with Asian cuisine with food like spicy noodle bowls and roasted rice cakes. Since people use the PATH as opposed to the sidewalk aboveground you’ll find many stores in the area people have really taken a liking to Sam James, a coffee shop in the PATH. With drip coffee and quick desserts this cafe is packed with customers. So check it out and see why people are craving their coffee.

Forest Hill Village

This is a more affluent neighborhood and the shops and restaurants here are more high class. This includes the schools which are one of the best for education in Toronto. Some of the houses in this area are from the 1950s and you can see the difference from the spacious residences. Since a lot of the residents here are wealthy you’ll find many boutiques in the area and if you’re coming to shop be prepared to spend a lot. But don’t worry you won’t have to walk all the way with your shopping items. Forest Hill Village is located near bus stations to take you where you need to go. So grab a bite at Mashu Mashu their Medeterenian food is to die for. Get a kebab stick or some grilled fish and enjoy your meal. The great tasting food gives this store very high ratings. If you want to do something low paced for a bit, why not try reading at Type Books, a store that sells both fiction and non-fiction works to choose from.

Harbord Village

This neighborhood is perfect for university students downtown. It's quiet, near restaurants and it's pretty vibrant. This neighborhood is the perfect blend of suburban and city life. Because of the mostly student population the food and drinks in the area are pretty cheap. The most popular however is Piano Piano, an Italian restaurant with artistic and delicious food. You can’t walk past without noticing the beautiful flowers painted in front. If you’re looking to get some dessert after, try the Almond Bakery on Harbord. Their speciality is gluten free products but the way these desserts are made you can’t even tell. Their popular items include the moist Walnut Bananabread and the chocolate cupcakes. The modern aesthetic and inclusive food are a great brand. Although food is wonderful if you’re planning on trying something new go to Clay Design where you can make your own pottery. Bring you handmade designs to life. The neighborhood is filled with things to do.


Harbourfront is the event center of Toronto and you'll find many festivals in the area. The most popular place in this neighborhood is the harborfront center. Having art galleries and studios you’ll find many artists in the area. During the wintertime you’ll find a free ice rink to skate in and during the summer there will be concerts done by different artists. While known for the beautiful waterways the parks are also very photogenic and in the end they are pretty connected to the waters as well. Speaking of connection, this area is very easy to commute to and close to the Union, Spadina and Barthurst stations. Don’t be fooled by the natural sounding name; this is still very much a city which is why there are a lot of tech savvy places like the Rec Room a with a multitude of games. Both virtual reality and arcade so give Harbourfront a try you won’t be disappointed. Get all the food, games and nature you can.

High Park

High park is one of the largest in Toronto with acres of land used by people for hiking and exploring the area. This park is packed during the April and May seasons because of the cherry blossom trees in the area. Their beautiful petals draw people in for photo sessions. If you’re interested in the animals, go to the waterfront and you'll find many ducks in the area. Just be careful feeding these creatures may be more dangerous than you think. So if you’re looking for something more friendlier try the off leash dog park you can meet some adorable pups this way and if you ask the owners you may be allowed to play with them. Whether you want to have a picnic or look at the zoo near here be prepared to spend a lot on the food if you're buying. While delicious and rated highly the food may be called overpriced by some. All in all this is a great place to visit.


The neighborhood is called this because there are four railway lines in the area. This place is popular for thePhotography Festival in May and the Summer Solstice Festival in June. Both which end up drawing crowds. But that’s not all, walk around there are many stores in the area from Mjolk, an interior design store in the area to Take Note a stationary and card store. There are things to interest everyone in the area. If you’re someone looking for more culture why not try the ILLEgallery which specializes in street art. You’ll find some interesting designs here. The food is a great competitor with the entertainment as well. People usually enjoy going to the Playa Cabana Cantina, a mexican style restaurant catering to the younger crowds. It serves both cocktails and wonderful snacks that puts a new twist on flavor. It’s a perfect place for an outing with friends. Although so is the whole neighborhood.

Junction Triangle

Known for the three railway lines that surround the area although this is a smaller neighborhood it has a lot of fun things here. There are many contemporary works in the area. Although the most popular is the MOCA Toronto. You’ll find beautiful structures, Indeginous paintings and video art at this gallery. There are always new exhibits and events so why not give MOCA Toronto a try. If you’re in a mood to shop try the Junction Gardens shopping district with the clusters of stores there you’re bound to have a good time. The crowd favorite is Milk Toronto, a streetwear store that specializes in shoes. Like milk the shoes are replaced every 60 days so there can be new shoes found at the store very frequently. If you want to try learning a new hobby try The Make Den. A sewing and crafts shop that teaches people with all student levels a life skill. When you’re in need of sugar after all the work try Noble coffee Co. A coffee shop where the drinks are creamy and the pastries are buttery.


Keelesdale is packed with restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores.So you’ll find many places for food in this area. The most popular one in the area is Iida's Churrasqueria. A Portueguese style restaurant that serves things like pork cutlets and fried cod. You really get food worth the price here with the large portion sizes. The food is freshly made and delicious so if you’re in the mood for Portugal food try out this store. For those looking for a quick snack on the go try Tinnel’s a Caribbean store that sells patties for $1.25. Although anyone in search of a more filling Caribbean cuisine should try Irie Veggie. Not only do they serve many vegetarian dishes but they still keep their traditional flavor.After the savory meals it’s good to end with some dessert. Trysome baked goods at the Sun-light Bakery, a Jamacian style store that sells buns and other pastries. While these are some of our suggestions there are many places to try out so look around.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market has the best vintage stores, food and art around, maybe that's why it’s so popular downtown. For those looking for good shopping deals you’ve come to the right place. Walk down the street and try any vintage shop you’d like. There are so many stores to find something you’re bound to love. Like the store Courage My Love, a vintage shop that sells anything from clothes to teacups. They are very affordably priced and they are a go to store for the students in the area. While you’re exploring why not grab a bite to eat. Seven Lives is a popular choice for those craving Mexican food. With fresh ingredients used for the food it’s no wonder why there are long lines for the tacos. If you\re looking to try something sweeter go to Millie Creperie. They experiment with a lot of flavors so you might get to try something when visiting. The most popular is the crispy crepe with green tea. Check out the street art, bars and other entertainment in the area as well.

King East

You'll find many high end stores in the area from boutiques to furniture stores. There are three galleries in the area as well. The most popular being The Nicholas Metivier Gallery. This is one of the largest contemporary galleries in Canada featuring Canadian artists. From visual to media arts you’ll find it all at the gallery. If you want your mind challenged in another way try the D&E Lake, a used bookstore with hidden gems all around. You'll end up spending hours reading the books. Wanting to relax your body instead try the Body Blitz, a women’s only spa with their own treatment rooms. You’ll find yourself treated from head to toe although people tend to fall asleep for most of it. They have a popular water circuit and scrubs as well. For those in a shopping mood try Haven Toronto a boutique selling men’s streetwear. All of the items here are Japanese brands from the shoes to the jackets. After a fun day out try one of the many restaurants in the area we suggest the Bodega Henrietta a popular brunch place.

King West

King West has a lot of clubs in the area. Although people generally tend to go to MAV, a popular nightclub in the area. Get food ,drinks or dance there just enjoy your night. Unlike other clubs there is a wide selection in both food and drinks so try it out. Maybe you just want to relax, for that we suggest trying the Hammam Spa. Modeled after the traditional Turkish baths you can find a steam room, tea lounge and other services here. If you're more artistic, why not try shopping at Mindai, an art supply store. There are also DIY options for the figurines. Paint the creatures however you’d like and spend a few hours at the store. After all the fun events take a small break at Formo Cultura, an Italian bakery with both sweet and savory snacks. Your taste buds will thank you for trying this store. If you’re planning to stay overnight, book a room at the Thompson Hotel Toronto. With it’s 24 hour diner, beautiful views and infinity pool you’ll be sure to enjoy.


Koreatown is known for the delicious food in the area. You’ll find many food stalls, dessert places and restaurants here. The most popular is the Korean Village Restaurant. Serving food like bibimbap, seafood soup and many more people rave about the spicy flavors. Or if food is secondary and you just want to have a great hangout with your friends try going to Snakes and Lattes. A board game cafe with an entry fee of $5 per person. This is a great place to come to if you have a huge group of friends and the shareable platters offered in the menu don’t hurt either. Pick out a board game from the shelf and star playing. Maybe you’re in the mood for shopping instead then try out Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts. This cute stationary store has a lot of handmade items that you’re sure to love. For your various DIY projects check out this store for the materials. End your day at the Pour Boy, a cheap pub with intimate vibes. The food and drinks are budget friendly so give this pub a try.


This neighborhood is very family friendly and you’ll sure be able to find something fun to do here. Like the 3DPhackory, a 3D printing studio that helps create whatever you’d like. If you can think it, the machine can make it. You can check over your work with the designers there to make sure everything will come out the way you’d like it to. If you’re in the mood for shopping and snacks try Coffee and Clothing a vintage clothing store with a cafe attached. Peruse the racks with an espresso in hand. This neighborhood is also a great place to find some good furniture. Try the Zig Zag, a vintage furniture store where the items have their own stories. Or you could make your own furniture at The Unplugged Workshop. You’ll get taught how to use the hand tools, a valuable skill in life. After the hard work, take a break at the Chino Locos, a burrito bar. You’ll walk in smelling roasted pork and beans.

Liberty Village

In this area you’ll find many restaurants and cafes. The most popular being Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, a popular brunch spot in the area. It’s very common to find customers enjoying a stack of pancakes there. Light fluffy and topped with blueberries what's not to like. You could even enjoy a pint after eating, at The Craft Brasserie, a pub in the area. You’ll find 120 brews on tap so don’t miss out the experience. You can even get some shareable foods for you and your friends. If you want to wind down a bit and look at some cute stationary try visiting I Have a Crush On You. Spend time looking at the wonderful designs and maybe buy a few things for yourself. Or if you’re looking for some personal care there are salons in the area. We suggest going to B Suite Salon. They offer everything from updos to haircuts for whatever style you’re going for. Check out Liberty Village for a good time.

Little India

This area is heavily influenced by Indian culture from the restaurants to the stores. Lahore Tikka’s House is highly rated for their mouth watering cuisine. Their popular menu items are the kebabs freestyle roasted it’s aromatic with garlic and ginger. Or you could grab a snack at the Glory Hole Doughnuts popular for their inventive snacks. Ne warned they are a bit on the expensive side but they're worth the taste. If you want something to drink after the doughnuts why not try grabbing coffee at the Lazy Daisy's Cafe. This cafe focuses on making sure you’re not just putting in junk food but delicious and healthy things. They not only care for the customers but the animals as well you’ll find a lot of options with hormone free meat. The food isn’t the only good thing about the area you can find 4 galleries in the area as well. The most visited is Gerrard Art Space which exhibits contemporary art by local artists.

Little Tokyo

This area was the actual Chinatown before it lost the title . But you can still find a lot of Asian influenced restaurants in the area. One of the most popular is a sushi restaurant in the area. Japango may be a small business but their food is fresh and served well. Although if you want to try customizing your own food try out Rolltation. Choose whatever items you like and make your own poke bowl. Are you a big fan of Uncle Ttsu’s because you’re in luck there is a cafe in the area where you can actually enjoy the snack after purchasing them. Get your cheesecakes and drinks and enjoy. Or try some delicious ice cream at Fugo Desserts. From oreo flavored to honey make sure not to miss out.Since there is a bus terminal in the area you don’t have to worry about walking for long after eating. Check out LittleTokyo and find your own hangout.


Home to Canada’s largest Asian mall the Pacific Mall has drawn in many curious customers. That isn’t the only reason in this area you’ll find a lot of Asian influenced stores such as The Alley, a popular bubble tea shop with their flavored tapioca and Instagrammable drinks. It's a great place to chat with friends. You can also get some food at Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum. Everything is made when ordered so that you’ll be getting steaming hot meals. Enjoy your dim sum with some Jasmine tea and relax. You can also go shopping. We suggest trying Today’s Sportswear. You can find brand name things at a bargain because they sell the overstocked inventory. You can get items for less than $40 here so you can spend your money on other things as well. If you’re into brand name things try the Kings of Past a fashionable eyeglasses store with brands like Gucci and Oakley.


You’ll find food from a lot of countries here which is why people come to enjoy the food haven in the area. People enjoy frequenting Gol's Lanzhou Noodle, a chinese restaurant with delicious meals. It’s rated very highly as well. If you’re not in the mood for Chinese you could try Indian Cuisine by the Lake. Their garlic naan goes wonderfully with the creamy curry in the restaurant. After eating why not go look around the stores. For something wacky try the Amazing Party Store you can find a lot of spooky decorations here for Halloween from obies to headless goblins. Or you could go for a more general store like Simons that sells men’s and women’s clothing. There is a wide selection from swimwear to normal day to day things so browse through. You can also find homewares like oven mitts and bedding. You could spend a few hours here just restocking your supplies.

Moss Park

You can find a lot of small businesses in the area. One such place is the merchant of York, an accessories store that sells items such as wallets, mugs and cards. This store is very inviting and the modern aesthetic is pleasing to look at when perusing the items. For those longboarders out there why not try visiting Longboard Haven, a store with all the necessary gear. They offer to set up your board if you need it for a price of course but it’s better to have an expert handling it. After shopping it's good to take a break so why not relax at the Enat Buna, an Ethiaopian cafe. Sit down, grab a wrap and drink some coffee. When you’re done try visiting the apothecary in the area Leaves of Trees. They offer natural beauty products which are great for the skin and wonderfully fragrant. Or you could take some time and relax by meditating at the Tachyon Healing Center. De-stress here and let go of your worries.

Mount Pleasant

You’ll find a lot of specialty stores in the area for the food so plan out where you want to eat before you visit. Yukashi is a popular Japanese restaurant in the area. You need to reserve your table with money to get a meal. But from the customers raving reviews you’re not going to be disappointed. The food is colorful to look at and very delicious to eat. If you are only looking for a quick snack, why not try Thobars a french patisserie shop that sells baguettes, macaroons and other pastries.They are reasonably priced and very tasty. After all the food you may not even want to move around so why not try relaxing at a spa.Moksa Day Spa is very popular for their massages and acupuncture. Come out feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. Or you could just go shopping at Act Two, a vintage clothing store in the area. Get some great bargains and enjoy. There are so many things to do at Mount Pleasant so why not visit the neighborhood.

North York

This is a huge area with a lot of neighborhoods clustered around so you’ll find many shops and cafes here to enjoy. Grab some Korean BBQ at Daldongnae, a popular restaurant with a 50s vibe. Old photos line the wall and the space is a bit coy but everyone enjoys the atmosphere. Or if you’re not in the mood why not get Middle Eastern food at the Mustafa. Get some delicious Turkish pia in what looks like a cave with fake vines and tree trunk seats. Finish off at The Cheesecake Factory Toronto the first over location of the iconic restaurant from the Big Bang Theory. Huge portion sizes with 50 different types of cheesecakes are more than enough reason to try this place out. While there are a lot of food places in the area that isn’t all North Yorkis known for. If you’re feeling full why not visit Paradise Comics the largest comic book store in the city. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a DC or Marvel fan there are comics for you.

Oakwood Village

You’ll find a lot of Portuguese and Jamacian foods in the area. Although the people pleaser is Randy's, a Caribbean store that sells patties. They have a long history and recipes that get customers even today. This doesn’t mean the Porteguese foods take it lying down though because in close second comes the Doce Minho Bakery, a store famous for their cornbreads. Enjoy your snacks with a cup of coffee and go on with your day.While the foods here are delicious you can also visit the clothing store in the area Rasta Flex. You’ll find items from Marley sweaters and everyday dresses. People also enjoy going to Club 44 for a drink and listening to the live music. Although if you’re a music fan you could visit the TreaJah Isle, a music store in the area. They’re best known for their reggae but there are other types of music there too. Have fun exploring the different cafes and restaurants in the area.


There are a lot of boutiques and restaurants to be found here. Although people are very excited with trying the desserts in the area like Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery. Here you can pick whatever ice-cream you’d like to be put in between two cookies of your choice. It looks amazing and you can taste flavors never tried before. For those looking for meals a bit heartier try Pizzeria Libretto. Their pizza is made in a wood stove with fresh tomatoes and cheese. Munching on the complimentary bread while waiting for your meal isn’t a bad idea either. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a drink we suggest the Bellwoods Brewery. They have some great tasting beer. After the food and drinks you can visit Rotate a music store in the area. You’ll find a lot of Indie records in the store with a few other genres kept sparingly. Although if you’re in the mood for some other type of shopping try Peace Collective a streetwear store that focuses on their graphic tees.

Pape Village

Pape village is a neighborhood that overlooks many restaurants and bakeries. But Cafe Serano seems to be the crowd favorite because of their foamy lattes and sweet ice cream cones. Or if you would like something different order the store gelato. There are tons of flavors and if you’d like to take some home get it in a tub. For those in the mood for something more filling try some Greek food at the Tzatziki Restaurant. Foods like chicken gyros, pita wraps and Greek salad are well received and you’ll likely find a crowd during the lunch time rush. So if you find yourself near the store give the food a try. This neighborhood has many places influenced by Greek culture so why wouldn’t the bar be the same. The Barcode Cafe is the Greek hangout whether you’re coming for the beers or the live music you’ll love the ambience. On Fridays you’ll find a crowd watching the latest game.


If you're looking to shop clothes, furniture and other vintage things you’ve come to the right place. Parkdale is known for their vintage stores. But Public Butter is the one most commonly visited for their vintage clothing for both men and women. This store doesn’t just sell clothes though you’ll find furniture, lunch boxes, games and even bicycles here. It’s like a vintage general store so explore to your heart's content. If you would like to enrich your mind try visiting the art gallery Toronto Designers Market. Many local artists have chosen to exhibit their work here. Work that you can purchase from the cute greeting cards to the trendy jewellery. You’ll be helping the local artist earn some money and get something really fun out of it. Or maybe you’re a movie fanatic instead. Go down 1273 Queen Street West and you’ll find a Harry Potter inspired store. You can find games,books and other things Harry Potter related.

Port Lands

In Port Lands you’ll find a lot of industriel sites,rowing clubs and studios to visit. Many people visit for the live music at Rebels though. This bar has a skyline, a stage to dance in and people wearing costumes. This club gets pretty packed during the weekend. After all the fun people choose to grab a bite at Cherry Street Bar-B-Que. You’ll find many Southern flavors here in the ribs, steak and chicken. Enjoy your meal at the patio outside. The beautiful view will go well with the aromatic food. There’s even an outdoor DJ playing tunes to set the mood. If you’d like to try something different try the Backyard Axe Throwing League. Like target practice and showing off your strength this is the place for you. You’ll get coached on how to throw the axe safely and have a good time trying something new. End the day off relaxing at the Cabana Pool bar. Drink some cocktails while lounging near the water.

Queen West

There are a lot of brand name places to shop in the area. But people find it more fun to try the vintage stores here like Black Market Vintage. You’ll find items for $10 or less and with a massive selection to choose from people are drawn here. Although there are a lot of alternative fashion customers don’t seem to mind the style.After shopping you can go touring the art galleries in the area we recommend Norman Felix Gallery. You’ll find a lot of contemporary art here and you can make your own on the weekends if you’d like and if you’re ever feeling peckish there is a cafe inside. For those creative minds why not visit Kops records a music store. There are music records from every genre here although it is 1945s music. You can find so many things to shop for on Queen West. So if you’re thinking of redecorating your home try CB2 Toronto a furniture store. The brightly lit building is filled with modern furniture that entrances its customers.

Regent Park

Regent Park is host to a lot of art and community centers but the main focus is the food in the area. Customers rave about the Le Beau Patisserie. The french pastry shop has options from light snacks to brunch options. On the menu you’ll find flaky croissants with many different filling from sour cherry to pistachio marzipan. Although the signature dessert is The Hazelnut, a spongy cake with salted caramel on top. For those looking for something more savory why not try visiting Smoke's Poutinerie (Dundas East). The served poutine comes with many different flavors and styles for whatever you’re in the mood for. They’re open late in the night as well. For those in the mood for a quick snack why not try Sultan of Samosas Regent Park. It doesn’t matter if it's for here or to go but these crispy samosas with delicious fillings really hit the spot. After the food why not go shopping at Double Take a clothing store for both men and women.

Richmond Hill

If you hear Richmond Hill you’ll be thinking about Canada’s largest indoor wave pool. But that’s not all there is for fun. You can look at the stars at the David Dunlap Observatory or go to the Richmond Hill Center to watch a performing arts show. There is also a golf course in the area so you can play with family or friends. The Bathurst Glen Golf Course is a beautiful family course for both adults and kids to play in. Since there is a heritage center in the area, take some time and learn some history . This area is very picturesque so you’ll find many people outside taking walks, riding bikes and visiting the Willow Lake to relax and maybe even have a picnic. With all the fun things to do in Richmond Hill take a break and grab a bite to eat at Cafe Landwer. A Middle Eastern restaurant with huge portion sizes and aromatic food. People may not think of Richmond Hill as a travel destination but it truly is.


At Riverside you can catch a performance at the Streetcar Crowsnest. These are all performed by local artists and have always drawn crowds. Although if you’re looking to do something a bit more mainstream why not visit the local shops. Places like the Good Neighbor sell clothes accessories and other products whatever the customer needs. Or you can try enriching your mind at the IX Gallery. A lot of photo exhibitions are held here as well as workshops and other events. After which you can visit the Bonjour Brioche, a brunch place quiche, omelettes and other delicious items. When you’re done get riveted at the Opera House where live music is plenty. You might see some popular bands there as well. But if you want to do something more physical try LOB Toronto which has an inventive game similar to golf that can be played. Spend your day right at Riverside.

Rogers Road

There are a lot of bakeries and cafes in this area. They are inspired by Porteguese cuisine. The more popular restaurant in the neighborhood is Churrasqueira Martins. They serve classic dishes grilled or as a curry so you can find many flavors here. It’s not just food this restaurant is popular for but the wine as well. With over 60 flavors of wine for your choosing and sold at a reasonable price of $27 for a bottle. Although for those in the mood for sweets we suggest trying Seara Bakery. The desserts offered all have a distinct flavor and their speciality are their tarts. After the food why not spend some time listening to music at the Rogers Music Center. They sell many instruments from keyboards to drums with options available from buying to just rentals. It’s definitely worth the try to visit this store and look through the selection of guitars. Rogers Road is a great place for food hangouts with friends.

Roncesvalles Village

This is a great area for the arts, shopping and restaurants. People come in droves to the Barque Smokehouse for the Southern barbeque and great cocktails. You’ll find reasonably priced menu items with a twist of flavor on the classics. After your meal, why not get dessert at Ed’s Real Scoop, an ice-cream shop in the area. Choose the flavor and cone and e on your way on enjoying a good ice cream. When the meal is over visit the shops around the area we suggest trying 313 Design Market. They have the coolest things to decorate your home with like cushions, notebooks and many more items. Maybe after which you could stop by at She Said Boom, a used book and music store. They have a wide selection to choose from with many genres. Although if you’re in the mood for art we recommend visiting The Black Cat, a contemporary art gallery. They host many events so take a look around.


This area is where you’ll find the mansions in the neighborhood. Many of the weather people live here so the entertainment is more on the expensive side. One of the more popular stores is Nadege Patisserie, a french pastry shop in the area. They have many options from macaroons to croissants. With many different flavors and styles you’re bound to find something you’ll love. Get yourself ready with snacks so you can visit all the boutiques in the area. A popular one is WANT Apothecary, a store that sells clothes bags and shoes. This store is for both men and women so find the high class item of your dreams. There is so much to choose from so expat to spend a few hours in the shop. End your day at Black Camel, a sandwich shop in the neighborhood. Their signature item is the pulled pork and brisket sandwich. Enjoy your food with a cup of coffee and relax.


This area is known for their scenic hiking trails and the Toronto zoo.. It is one of the largest zoos in the world with exhibits on both common and rarer creatures. In the hot summer people choose to cool down at Splash Island. While others choose to try entertainment indoors such as visiting the Scarborough Museum. Learn about the history of Scarborough and get away from the heat. After the fun why not head down for a snack at Lamanna’s Bakery. They offer both sweet and savory items at reasonable prices with old recipes that have a modern twist. When you’re done eating try visiting The Comic Room, a store that makes sure to stock up on the new releases while still having the rarer to find collections for any interested buyer. And of course no visit is complete without going to the Scarborough Town Center, a huge shopping mall with clothing stores, a cinema and restaurants surrounded.

South Core

This area is for the businesses so you’ll find a lot of condos and offices here. This doesn’t mean that there aren't places to have fun though. If you like drinking and sports then try Real Sports Bar, they have a changing menu and walls lined with TVs to watch the game from. Since this area is near the Union station you’ll be able to travel pretty easily here. The station is also popular for the stores nearby; some of the well known ones are Peace Collective, a minimum apparel store that focuses on the quality of the items sold rather than the flash. Another known store is The Detox Market, a beauty store selling skin care products. If you’re not in the mood to drink or shop try grabbing a bite at Miku a sushi restaurant in the area. Their signature dish is the flame seared sushi. Since it is both entertainment and a meal. South Core may have a lot of businesses but it also has a lot of fun things to do.

St Clair West

This is a huge area with any places that can entertain you and your friends. Although people usually come here for the food choosing the well known establishment Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder for their juicy burgers and barbecue style food. After lunch why not visit some galleries in the area we suggest trying the Black Cat Showroom, a contemporary art gallery with movable walls and annual exhibits. If you’re in the mood to shop instead try visiting LIT a clothing store in the area. The clothes are in fun colors and reasonably priced. They even have a rock and roll vibe to them. For those looking to be more environmentally friendly look no further than EcoExistence. They sell everything from bamboo dishes to organic mattresses. This is the perfect time to redecorate. St Clair West has everything from bookstores to bakeries so take your time and visit.

St James Town

This area is really popular for their Filipino food. The most well known being Tinuno, a restaurant that serves their traditional food on banana leaves. The grilled dishes are delicious for the flavor they bring out. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other options either. Mr Jerk is a Caribbean place that serves mouth-watering jerk in the area. For those wanting to dine in instead of take out try Maison Shelby a french restaurant with Instagrammable food and elegant ambiance. When you’re done eating, grab a drink at Sous Sol, a pub in the area. They have a variety of cocktails and snacks to munch on. This place isn’t just known for the good food and drinks but the coy atmosphere as well. Sit down on a velvety and start up a conversation you won’t notice time passing by. After spending time at the restaurants and bars you’re sure to be stuffed from the meals.

St Lawrence Market

This place is very popular for their indoor market. You’ll never find food as fresh as the ones sold here. But make sure to come early if you want to get the best pick. Coming here is an experience for the taste bud itself. While the stores themselves may not look like much the food speaks for itself. When people come to visit they want to try eating at the Buster’s Sea Cove as it is the only store that serves fresh seafood meals. They only accept cash though so be prepared. Another place that is raved about is the Carousel Bakery, a stall known for their delicious peameal sandwiches. Although they do offer items like bagels and sweets. For more dessert options you can also try Crepe it up. They offer both sweet and savory items but they are both equally delicious. This place also offers gluten free options. For those visiting the St Lawrence market remember to take and sample the stalls. A lot of the food is reasonably priced and fresh.

Stockyards District

There is a lot of redevelopment happening in the neighborhood with breweries and restaurants being added so here are a few tips on the must see places. Junction Craft Brewing is popular because of their options and because for $10 people can sample 4 of their beers. Grab a few drinks or other snacks to munch on while drinking as well. If you’re in the mood for fast food try Philthy Philly's a sandwich shop in the area. The also offer options such as poutine. Although for those looking to try something new try Bad Axe Throwing a sports club in the area. Play with friends and test your strength and accuracy. Or you can shop for some rare seafood at Newport Fish Importers. These fish come from all around the world so the store has selections that are hard to beat. After all the travel we suggest taking a break at Stockyards Grinds, a coffee shop in the area. Don't just stop for the drinks but the snacks too like mini waffles and sandwiches.

Thorncliffe Park

Although this is a residential area you can have fun at the restaurants, bakeries and cricket field. Faley restaurant is well known for the halal included Chinese cuisine. Their signature dish is the shrimp fried rice. For those looking to try something different we recommend the Kandahar Kabab Thorncliffe. The middle eastern food is hearty and reasonably priced. End off the meal with some dessert at Athens Pastries Factory Outlet. This Greek bakery serves many traditional pastries such as the tiropita. Whileit may be a mouthful to say the food is crispy and sweet. While food is a huge draw for Thorncliffe Park it’s really known for their shopping center East York Shopping Center. Browse through the stores clustered here or go bowling at the Bowlerama. It’s a great way to spend the visit with friends.


If you’re going to Thornhill then make sure you have a plan on what you'd like to visit. Families enjoy Color me Mine a DIY studio where you can make your own ceramics and paint. Or if you’re not up for it try going to the Promenade Shopping Center. Visit the stores and restaurants in the area and spend your time browsing. Although if you’re an outdoor person we recommend the Sugarbush Heritage Park. Go hiking and get in tune with nature, the time spent from technology is a great way to relieve stress. Maybe you’re in the mood for a movie. Try Imagine Cinema. The place is comfortable and reasonably priced. But if you just want to relax go to Sandalwood Spa & Nails. Doesn’t matter if it’s for you or the whole family you can’t go wrong with personal care. When you’re tired from all the fun and just want a break grab a bite at Cho Sun Ok a Korean restaurant with hearty meals.

Toronto Islands

If you want to get to the Toronto Islands be prepared to ride a ferry to get there. This 13 minute ride will get you to an island with beaches, restaurants and amusement parks. Some choose to walk across the whole area crossing bridges to do so. There are maps provided of the area so you don’t get lost. People find it interesting to take the provided tours as you’re able to see more in a group than when traveling alone. A popular destination spot is the 200 year lighthouse in the area. If you have young children with you then take them to the Centerville Amusement Park. They include a mini ferris wheel, roller coaster and carousel. Or you can choose to visit the free petting zoo nearby The Far Enough Farm. If you’re feeling peckish why not try grabbing a bite at Island Cafe it’s near the ferry docks or maybe something more familiar like pizza at Pizza Pizza. Remember the ferry times so that you can plan your trip.

University of Toronto

There are three campuses but we’re talking about the one downtown. Since there are a lot of students in the area you can find reasonable prices for food and fun. Fat Bastard Burrito is popular for their huge portion sizes and great tasting food. Choose whatever ingredients you’d like for your burrito bowl. People also like to visit the University of Toronto Art Center. This gallery has a lot of contemporary and historical art so you can find sculptures, interactive pieces and painting here. For those looking to have a fun day with friends why not go to Loft Board Game Lounge it’s above a pub so it’s easy to find. Sip on the lounge’s speciality bubble tea while you play. For those in the mood to browse why not visit Toose Art Supplies, a store with paint, brushes and anything else you might need for your artwork. They have high quality materials so check it out. End your day at Top Sushi, the budget friendly place with a large menu.

Upper Beaches

Upper beaches is a trendy neighborhood with everything from retail stores to galleries. Since a lot of families live in the area you’ll find many parks and sports fields. Traveling is easy with the streetcars nearby. With so many places to visit this makes everything a blast. For those looking for a place to eat, customers recommend the Beach Hill Smokehouse, a southern BBQ restaurant. When you walk in you can smell the spices in the air. For those looking just to browse visit The Great Escape a bookstore with tons of genres and book options. Or stop for a drink at the Feathers Pub. It looks like an Old British bar but their drinks are great and it’s a nice place to have conversation. There are a lot of craft beer options as well. When you’re done visit the Collected Joy, a stationary store that sells cards, jewellery and more.


This is where you can find Canada’s Wonderland. Many people come to spend hours on the rides, restaurants and events. Make sure to get here early if you want to have time to go on all the rides. Although if you’re jst in the mood to browse visit the Vaughan Mills. A large shopping center near Wonderland that has over 200 shops to choose from. When you’re there you can find Legoland Discovery Center Toronto. This place is for everyone to tour the factory and buy some Lego. It’s a colorful and very welcoming store. Or maybe you want to go look at nature. Visit Reptilia, a reptile zoo that has over 250 creatures to look at and be amazed at the different types that live all around the world. Or maybe if you want to try looking at something cuter try the Boyd Conservatory Area. It’s a great place to hike and watch for birds. End your day at 168 Sushi Buffet, a budget friendly Japanese restaurant.

Weston-Mount Dennis

This area was once known for their Kodak factory but now it tries to keep up with the trendier stores in the area. A popular place for residents to visit is SuperCoffee. Their creamy drinks are cheap and go well with the baked goods in the store. For those looking for food a bit more filling try the Golden Crisp Fish & Chips. Just like the name implies the food here is a consistent golden crust. You’ll love the food here and the decorations there make the place look quaint. For those looking to browse in the area look no further than Holland Store, a place that sells imported Dutch foods and other products. After shopping take a break at Black Cat Espresso Bar known for their sandwiches and trendy interior. Spend a few hours relaxing before exploring the rest of Weston-Mount Dennis. We may have only suggested a few options but there are so many places to visit here.

West Queen West

When you visit this trendy area don’t forget to visit the boutiques, restaurants and shops. People also like visiting TYPE Books, a local bookstore in the area with a selection of fiction and non-fiction items. There is also an art gallery downstairs with exhibits from local artists. Or you could choose to go shoe shopping at Gravitypope. They offer many big name brands at the store. That’s not all, you can find other clothes like jackets and ties as well. For those interested in visiting galleries try the Koffler Gallery this spacious place hosts a lot of creative exhibits. Expect to see a lot of contemporary art here. After a long day exploring why not stop to eat at Terroni, an Italian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and signature pasta. For dessert stop by at Nadege Patisserie a french shop that sells goods from macaroons to croissants. End your day with a drink at Apt 200 where you can play arcade games, pool or just relax with friends.


When visiting Woodbridge you’ll find many restaurants serving Italian inspired food. One of the more popular ones is the Oca Nera. It has a seasonally changing menu but the food is always exquisite. People enjoy having something sweet at the St. Phillips Bakery after. Since their gelato bars and fragrant cheesecakes are a huge draw for customers there may be lineups. After you’re full from the food visit Jimmy T’z Vintage Inc a custom shirt shop. Choose your own design and make your shirt one of a kind. Or if you’re into music instead try San Remo Records, a store that specializes in Italian music. When you’re done get a drink at the Classic Gourmet Coffee. Come for the strong coffee flavor and good conversation. If you want to make Italian food yourself visit Pastificio Italiano a store that makes pasta for you to cook with and get amazing results from. You’ll never try something as good as this anywhere else.

Yonge & Bloor

There are so many fast food places and pubs in the area so it’s a great place to hang out with friends. When people come to visit it’s to try the 7 West, a place that serves breakfast all day. Their instagrammable food not only looks amazing but is delicious when served with their signature French martinis. After your meal get some dessert at the Guschlbauer. They serve some mouthwatering cheese buns. They have many flavors from chocolate to sweet potato. Baked goods aren’t the only things that you can get from the store you can also get some colorful teas to go with it. When you’re done eating browse through the Nordstrom Rack Toronto. They have huge selections of clothes for men and women with two floors to explore in. Or if you’re looking to get some brand name sunglasses try Josephson Opticians. They have 75 years worth of experience so they know what they’re doing.

Yonge & College

This area is known for the athletic center and Carlton Cinema that’s nearby. But if you’re in the mood for something different try BlkOut.Ink a store with items from shoes to clothing. You can find some classic fashion trends that never get old. Or if you’re more into cameras try Aden Camera that has a huge selection so see what you’d like to use. If you’re in the mood to get wild try Vertigo Toronto an after hours dance club. The DJ plays music until you’re tired out from dancing. After which you can take a break at Fran’s Restaurant, a brunch place that is open all day. They have huge servings at reasonable prices. After which you can finish off with a good drink at the Labothery. You can make your own bubble tea here. All the tea flavors are found in test tubes that you can choose from and the tapioca comes with many different flavors as well. It’s a fun experience and you can see what you’d like when it comes to bubble tea.

Yonge & Dundas

This area is very popular because the Eaton center is close by. Here you’ll find the cinemas, and restaurants. When you walk by you’ll notice that there is always some sort of event going on. From rib festivals to Christmas tree decorations because this is where you’ll actually find the epicenter of Toronto. There are so many places to eat here that you may have a hard time choosing. So here are a few suggestions. People end up really liking the Hui Lau Shan. They specialize in mango desserts so everything looks eye catchingly yellow. For those looking for a more filling meal try the Chaska Express. The menu is based on Indian street food and there are different spice levels for your preference. After eating, people have loved browsing through the Air Jordan store. People look through the shoes, T-shirts and other Jordan merchandise can be found here. There is always something going on at Yonge & Jordan so definitely visit if you’re looking to be entertained.

Yonge & Eglinton

This is a bustling place with great ways to entertain yourself. The places here are a bit on the pricey side as there are a lot of 5-star restaurants in the area. But if you’re looking for something delicious and reasonably priced try Burger Shack. This place is cash only and serves Greek menu items as well as burgers. Finish off with something sweet at Cinnabon. Their cinnamon buns are raved about and since it’s close to the Eglinton staton you don’t have to worry about walking after your meal. There are a lot of shopping centers here which is great whether you want to browse or buy. But the more popular place to shop is Sporting Life. They have a wide selection of sporting goods and other merchandise. Poor Little Rich Girl is also very well known for their party dresses. Although if you’re into sunglasses we suggest browsing through Squint Eyewear.

Yonge & Lawrence

This area is pretty residential so you’ll find many shops and restaurants here. When people visit the Stack Restaurant. This is a southern style barbecue place with a cozy atmosphere and TVs on the wall. For those in the mood for some sweets after, try Robyn’s Cookies, a small artisan bakery in the area. Enjoy your treat out on the garden patio. Although if you’re interested in flowers you should definitely visit Bayview Blossoms, a flower shop in the area. Buy some for yourself or family. For those who like to be indoors why not try browsing through one of the many stores in the area. The most popular one is Bluboho Jewellery. This store sells handmade jewellery that help with different causes. So you are helping people with your purchase. If maybe you want to try buying something else we suggest trying Floorplaysocks a store that sells wacky socks. Show your individuality with these crazy purchases. There are tons of other stores to visit though so take your time.

Yonge & St Clair

This area is pretty busy so there are a lot of stores to draw customers in. A popular one is Papery, a stationary place that sells cards, papers and other products. Although if you're interested in reading material try Book City a small shop with the newest selections. Keep going with an artistic mind to the Muse Gallery, a place that exhibits contemporary art from Canadian artists. You can take a break at Holy Chuck Burgers One burger is enough to stuff any customer that walks in through the door. Finish off with some skewered snacks at On the Stick. They serve Japanese snacks and sushi. You can continue the day at Want Boutique, a clothing store. Or have a spa day at Chi Spa where they offer services like facials, massages and waxing. End your day with some coffee at Aroma Espresso Bar. They offer snacks there as well.

Yonge & Wellesley

Before you start your visit the first thing you should do is get some food at Ramen Raijin. This Japanese restaurant has fast service and a great atmosphere. You’ll find creative and classic menu options and whatever you choose you’ll enjoy. Finish off with dessert at Gozo. They serve everything from liquid nitrogen ice cream to bubble teas. Although you’ll find boba incorporated into a lot of the dessert options. When you’re done eating visit Toronto Tees, a T-shirt shop in the area. Or you can visit ABC Book Store for some bargains on used books. If you’re a classical music fan visit Second Vinyl. They have everything from operas to symphonies. It’s very beautiful to listen to. For those looking for some cute accessories try visiting Just You Too Sarah and Tom. This store has many Korean toys and stationary and the staff is more than happy to gift wrap the items. End your day with a drink at Bar Volo known for the large selection of craft beer.


Many high end places can be found here such as boutiques and restaurants. But this area also has 13 galleries. The more highly regarded one is Ingram Gallery, a contemporary art place that includes a library and a shop. Some prefer to spend their day relaxing at the Four Seasons Spa instead. They offer use of their pool and services like facials. For those that would like to go shopping we suggest Over the Rainbow a denim utopia with a wide selection of clothes. Browse through the store for whatever your denim needs may be. Take a break at Planta, a vegetarian plant based store. They use no animal products to prepare their meals. Finish off with dessert as Summer’s Ice Cream They have a lot of flavors and topping to choose from as well. Continue the visit at Laywine’s a stationary shop that’s organized as well as color coded. Finish off with a drink at Hemingway's, their bar is at the upper patio.

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