The Best 9 Indoor Golf Facilities in Toronto [2022]

Looking for a place to golf in Toronto that is indoor and offers all the amenities of a traditional golf course? Look no further, because we have compiled a list of the nine best indoor golf facilities in Toronto. From short game areas to putting greens, these facilities have it all! So, whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, be sure to check out one of these top-rated golf facilities.

With so many great options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which facility is right for you. To help narrow down your search, we have provided a brief description of each facility. So, whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art driving range or a challenging executive course,

P.S. Some of these indoor golf places are open 24/7 so you can relieve some stress and have a swing off with your pals! 

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How We Chose the Best Indoor Golf in Toronto ?

We picked the best 9 indoor golf in Toronto based on their popularity and the variety of course layouts and other recreational activities that are offered!
  • Services: We ensured these locations offer a variety of course layouts and simulators that will help you perfect your swing! 
  • Price: We chose stores with reasonable prices that are worth what you’ve paid for! 
  • Customer Reviews:  We included customer reviews to check that past customers had a positive experience at these indoor golf areas, and that they had an awesome time!

The Best Indoor Golf in Toronto

Now that you know what to look for when selecting the best indoor golf places, continue reading to see the best 9 indoor golf in Toronto!

1. Tracer Golf

If you need to relieve some stress at 3am, Tracer Golf is open 24/7 and is convenient for you to swing balls based on your schedule without needing any smart phone reservations! 

Tracer Golf features advanced launch monitors and detailed ball flight data. Each of the six bays has a launch monitor and a golf simulator where you can practice your swing.  Bookings are done online, and entry to the facility is as simple as a click of a button on the Tracer Golf App, as there is no staff on site. 

Based on your booking, the equipment turns on and off automatically, and the balls return to you automatically. You can choose from one of the 50 golf simulator courses available including Pebble Beach and St. Andrews.The most effective and streamlined method of practising and playing.

No other golf facility in the GTA provides as much value, whether it’s for enhancing your skills or simply enjoying the game.

Business Information:

Address: 78 Martin Ross Ave, North York, ON M3J 2L4
Phone: (647) 812-8240

Customer Review Highlights:

“Myself and other friends are very satisfied abiut your facility. Reasonable price and also 24/7 is amazing. One thing if Tracer can improve is turf. I wish there is softer turf for irons. Hard floor sometimes giving us too much pressure in our hands and wrists so other than that we love you👍⛳🏌️‍♂️🏌️🏌️‍♀️🔥”
“This place is great! It is very easy to book and enter the facility. Open 24 hours, super user friendly, very clean and overall an amazing place to play virtual golf. My friends and I were there late at night and had an issue with one of the bays. I emailed explaining the issue and they were quick to reply and the issue was resolved right away. I highly recommend going here!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They’re open 24 hours They sometimes experience technical difficulties
No lost time waiting in line at the cash register
Launch monitor data to help make your sessions more productive
Free Wifi while you practice so you can practice along with your favourite YouTube golf pro
You get to practice on your schedule not their

2. Golftown

Golf Town Limited provides a diverse range of golf clubs in every category, intended to meet the needs of every player. 

Their indoor golf simulators allow their consumers to try out every club they sell before making a purchase. Whether you’re looking for a new driver to boost your distance or new irons to improve your accuracy, their simulators will give you the visual experience of a driving range.

It is paired with digital data to help you simply select the clubs that perform best for you. Golftown’s primary purpose was to be used to test clubs before purchasing them, but they can now be rented for practice! The amount of available spaces varies by location and can be reserved in 55-minute increments. 

Business Information:

Address: 147 Laird Dr Unit 600, Toronto, ON M4G 4K1
Phone: (416) 467-5395

Customer Review Highlights:

“If you ever want to test drive the virtual golf simulation you should really try this place. They will give you the golf club and the place to hit the ball as far as you wish..”
“Very welcoming staff. They have a putting green and driving range simulators which is perfect for testing out new clubs!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers custom fitting Only offers two stimulators 
You can organize a golf tournament through their website

3. TXG Toronto

The modernized TXG facility is supplied with the latest golf fitting equipment, including three fitting bays, a putter fitting studio, and a boutique construction shop for repairs. To assure the most perfect fit, all fitting bays feature cutting-edge Foresight GCQuad launch monitors. 

Quintic Ball Roll provides precise putter and ball roll data to the putter fitting studio. Club fitting facilities of the highest calibre, capable of assisting everyone from a tour-level pro to a weekend warrior. During the winter, the hitting bays used for custom fitting can also be used for practice.

They have an instructor series from experts who help with various golf performance, fitness and much more! You can check these out on their Youtube channels! 

Business Information:

Address: 31 Scarsdale Rd, North York, ON M3B 2R2
Phone:  (416) 331-9229

Customer Review Highlights:

“Had my first experience at TXG, and all I can say is wow. The facilities are the best you can get and the staff is incredible. Had a swing lesson with Mac Boucher. Besides being almost intimidatingly skilled as a player, he is just as skilled at diagnosing the golf swing. He made me feel very comfortable and explained what he was trying to teach me in a way that was very easy to understand and apply. In just one lesson he taught me the correct impact position and I will be surely coming back to work with him to really groove it into my swing. The best golf experience money can get in Toronto.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Can get custom fit and builds If getting fitting for irons or putters, might get a shorter version
Youtube channel to learn

4. Sandtrap

The Sand Trap is bringing the exquisite and competitive game of golf to the heart of Downtown Toronto. Their four PGA-approved golf simulators combine gorgeous visuals, sensors that project your actual golf swing, and 84 expertly recreated courses to provide the most accurate (and enjoyable) indoor golfing experience possible. 

The Sand Trap’s four golf simulators are a terrific way to have fun and improve your golf game all year long! The price ranges from $15 to $30 depending if you’re going solo or with a group.

What’s awesome is that they offer over 80 courses globally with a plethora of picturesque views. You get to choose places like Spanish Bay, Royal Melbourne, Sea Island, Harbour Town and much more! Their golf simulators come with an extensive course library, a short range facility and driving range. 

Business Information:

Address: 1306 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1G8
Phone: (416) 534-2727

Customer Review Highlights:

“Perfect spot for a guys' night. A great spot to go with friends and play the simulators and hang out on the couches with some drinks while in between shots. The owner and staff were extremely friendly and accommodating.”
“The Sand Trap is the best simulators in the GTA hands down. Super friendly owner and staff, great simulators, chill ambience. Very happy this is down the street from me. Will be coming often”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They provide equipment if you don’t have any Limited time only 30 minutes
Offers gift cards, memberships and packages

5. Metro Golf Sportsplex

Visiting Metro Golf is a must due to being one of the largest domes in the GTA! There are 48 regular range stalls on 70,000 square feet, with approximately 3,000 square feet dedicated to putting. 

You can play 18 holes of golf on your own or with pals using two golf simulators. There is a snack bar and a licenced lounge. 

Metro Golf Sportsplex has a number of membership packages to meet your indoor golf needs. Full, Limited, Junior, EarlyBird, and Summer Memberships are available to meet your specific needs and budget.

Winter seasonal subscriptions expire on April 30th, and summer memberships expire on September 30th, unless otherwise noted. They also have three full swing golf simulators with over 40 courses! Prices range between $38 to $48 for simulators!

Business Information:

Address: 125 Milner Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 3R1
Phone: (416) 321-9331

Customer Review Highlights:

“The best indoor golf driving range in Toronto. This range measures around 105 yards long compared to conventional golf domes that are around 75 yards long. Also, there is a newer solid roof which makes the ambient temperature quite warm unlike some domes that you feel a chill in the air. Only negative is that it usually closes quite early at either 6 or 7 pm since some soccer leagues use it in the evening.”
“Definitely the finest indoor driving range in Toronto! Very clean and well maintained facilities. There is a rest area, small putting area, and golf simulators…”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Members receive 20% discount on simulator fees Complaint about not enough lighting inside
Offers a range of indoor golf memberships

6. The eZone

The eZone is a golfer’s dream where rain, snow, or dusk will not hinder your playing! The eZone has 5 Golf Simulators that provide you instant feedback on your swing path, club-face position, swing speed, ball speed, and other important information. 

Golfers of all ability levels will appreciate the pleasant and large Golf Lounge, which features a flat-screen television, private rooms, and in-lounge bar service.

What’s awesome is that this large entertainment facility includes whirly ball, laser tag, sports courts, an arcade, and virtual golf. The five golf simulators can be booked alone or as part of a private event and the lounge has a permit.

Business Information:

Address: 120 N Queen St, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2E2
Phone: (416) 252-8300

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great place to spend time and have some wholesome fun. Exhilarating and very entertaining at the same time. Perfect for team building events. I would highly recommend this place for a team outing event. Not recommended for people with back problems.”
“Perfect place to arrange a kids Birthday party. We celebrated our son's 8th birthday here and it was great. Staff was good, especially Stephen who was very cooperative. Party room size was perfect and kids had so much fun. I would definitely recommend this place.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Includes a variety of activities from virtual golf, arcade, ping pong, go cart etc. If you’re ordering food here, service may take long
Can host events here like birthday parties, corporate or team building

7. Swing Golf Lounge

Swing Golf Lounge provides the greatest facilities in Toronto for learning and developing your game, whether you’re an experienced golf player or new to the game. This place is an exclusive pub and lounge with trackman radar and five simulator technology. What’s cool is that virtual golf courses use stunning 4k graphics! 

Indoor golf lessons are provided from two PGA of Canada professionals. Throughout the year, there are golf leagues for both men and women.They can also assist you comprehend the rules, etiquette, and methods for playing on the course outside, allowing you to fully realize your potential!

Important to note: They are a cashless facility and the prices here range from $45 to $65!

Business Information:

Address: 1 Westside Dr Unit 2, Etobicoke, ON M9C 1B2
Phone: (416) 622-0001

Customer Review Highlights:

“simply the best place to swing 'em indoors in the gta. Trackman technology is miles ahead of the competition, the bar and facility is beautiful, tv screen in every bay and fantastic staff who make sure you have the perfect sim experience. have tried the competitors and will always go back to swing lounge.”
“As someone who is just getting started with golf, I had a great time at Swing. Their facility is fantastic and the staff were tremendous. I will absolutely be going back.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Upscale bar and menu! Might experience technical difficulties with stimulator 
Tv in each gold bay and 8 TVs in bar or lounge

8. Nick Starchuk Indoor Studio [Contact]

If you’re looking to learn some golf, go to Nick Starchuk, who is an experienced and award-winning golf coach where he offers a private indoor studio that you can book. He’s also a coach at Ryerson University, Rams! 

What’s awesome is that he offers putting lessons and fitting in his studio. 

Also offers summer lessons, studio or online lessons and has a junior development program for golfers who are looking to play competitive golf with the chance to play in the NCAA! 

He even coaches during May and June at TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley to help focus on shot choice and routines. You can email or DM him on instagram as well! 

Business Information:

Address: N/A
Phone: (905) 510-4172

Customer Review Highlights:

“Nick gives simple explanations that create a great picture of what to do. His analysis captured what I felt was wrong in my swing but could not understand. Really effective.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Has a youtube channel to learn  Indoor lessons be limited
Has an app to showcase services and ideas
Offers summer lessons and junior development program

9. Master Golf

Visit Master Golf for their new digital indoor driving range and golf simulator. No matter the time of day you can quickly enhance your golfing techniques as they are open 24/7! 

They use technology that tracks each of your shots in real time, it analyzes your shots with their in depth data, it features an indoor driving range to perfect your swing and bays are designed to handle both lefties and righties!

Not to mention, it has over 100,000 golf courses for you to choose from and the bays can hold up to four golfers per bay. It is $28 per hour! Also, for you to note, they do not rent golf clubs!

Business Information:

Address: 289 Horner Ave Suite C, Toronto, ON M8Z 4Y4
Phone: (647) 295-8102

Customer Review Highlights:

“This place is great. A must-go. The simulator bays are new, clean and good quality. There were tons of courses to choose from. The owner answers texts/calls if you have any difficulty getting set up. We will be back!”
“Masters Golf is a top quality facility that offers everything a golf enthusiast would need to work on their skills. I signed up for the largest package they offered because of how good the support is and how much I enjoy the set up. Ownership is always supportive if there are any hiccups too. Fully customizable experience for those looking to place solo or up to 4, I’ve enjoyed every combination in-between.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open for 24 hours! The quality of the mats could be improved
It is a fully automated facility 

FAQs About Indoor Golf

In a golf simulator, golf shoes should always be worn, especially while working on full swing strokes. Using correct golf shoes in a simulator provides greater grip on the golf mat, allowing for enhanced weight transfer and balance and recreating the experience of being on the course.
Each person/group will play at a different speed, but on average, it takes an hour for one person to play 18 holes of golf, or four hours for a party of four to play 18 holes on a single simulator.
Yes, most of the indoor golf places recommend bringing your own golf clubs and balls!
A golf simulator can not only help you improve your technique, but it can also help you mentally. You may improve your skills, talents, and consistency by perfecting your swing, learning to choose the proper club, and shaping your strokes using the data analysis supplied by the simulator.


If you are passionate about the game of golf or are looking to make new friends look no further than the best 9 indoor golf clubs to join in Toronto! These golf clubs offer stunning indoor stimulators using advanced smart technology and data analysis to keep track of your score and shots.

These places also offer various programs, lessons, different course layouts and if you want to shop the simulators will help you see if the club is perfect and rightfully fitted for you! 

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