Jim Chai Kee Noodles

Jim Chai Kee Noodles
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If you are looking for the best wonton noodle soup in the GTA, look no further. Jim Chai Kee Noodles has two locations: one in Richmond Hill and one in Scarborough. This restaurant serves hearty hand-pulled noodles in a steaming savoury broth that will remind you of Hong Kong. Jim Chai Kee (Hong Kong location) has been on the list of Michelin Guide-recommended restaurants since 2012, making it a popular dining destination for many locals. Visit this hidden treasure if you want to experience one of the most authentic wonton noodles in a cozy setting.
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Jim Chai Kee Noodles has a simple and clean atmosphere, but after you sample their food, you’ll understand why it’s so popular. Simple classic furnishings, wall posters, house plants by the window, and a large skylight make the restaurant bright and comfortable.
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The noodle shop offers a small yet tasty cuisine. They feature a variety of noodle flavours and varieties of noodles, but they are most renowned for their wonton noodle soups, especially their famed shrimp wontons with egg noodles.
A whole bowl includes four large shrimp dumplings served with their specialty egg noodles. The noodle is nice and chewy, topped with green onions and a flavourful broth. The broth is not overly salty and complements their homemade sauce of chilli oil and red vinegar. If you like their chilli oil, don’t forget to grab one on your way out.
They also have a veggie plate of choy sum with an oyster sauce that is perfect as a side dish, and you can end your meal by gulping it down with one of their soda selections for a fast refresher as well as a self-serve hot tea and water.
One of the best things about Jim Chai Kee Noodles was their unbeatable price of wonton soups. The prices were as low as $7 for outstanding portion size, but many customers have complained that the price has since increased to $12 due to the pandemic. Also, when you arrive at the restaurant, make sure you stop by the ATM since they only accept cash.
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If you’re in the Richmond area on a cold day, stop by this Chinese restaurant for a warm bowl of wonton soup. If you’re searching for nothing but delicious cuisine, this is the place to go. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, the restaurant provides a welcoming ambiance that anybody who appreciates a good meal will enjoy.

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