Kebab 49

kebab 49

Address: 5308 Dundas St W, Etobicoke
Phone: (647) 348-4525

Kebab 49 is a casual halal restaurant in Etobicoke known for its authentic Turkish cuisines such as kebabs, falafel, and hummus. It’s hard to find a place as good as this where the meats are always freshly prepared and served in huge portions. Get ready to try your hands on some juicy and tender Turkish Kebabs that will surely leave you satisfied.
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The inside of the restaurant is clean and spacious, offering plenty of seating including booths. The space itself is minimally decorated, but you’ll find multiple hand-drawn paintings scattered across the room. They have an open kitchen where there’s a display of all the ingredients which they use for their menu, as well as seeing the chefs grilling the meats by the order. It’ll be a challenge when waiting for your food as the smell of grilled meats envelops the space.
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If you prefer to eat outside, they also have a large patio space which has a nice grassy carpet and wooden furnishing. There’s also a roof which provides plenty of shade, as well as protecting you against the rain.
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Here they serve an extensive menu of Turkish cuisines including sandwiches, soup, salads, kebabs, and an assortment of grilled meats.
The star of the show is definitely their Turkish kebabs which will surely leave an impression. If you want to try a bit of everything, be sure to get their Mixed Kebab Platter ($29). This monster of a meal comes with adana, chicken shish, veal shish, chicken doner, veal and lamb doner, served with salad and bread. The meats are always tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned, not to mention beautifully presented. This dish is best shared among a group of people, as it offers a great variety of meats in huge portions.
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For dessert, you can’t miss their kunefe which is to die for. This cheesy dessert is soaked with sugar-based syrup to give it its addictively sweet flavours. Besides eating it, the best part is watching the cheese stretches as you serve it. This combined with the complimentary tea which they serve at the end of the meal is the perfect way to end your meal.
If you are looking for delicious Turkish food with great portions at reasonable prices, Kebab 49 will not disappoint. This place is best enjoyed as a group, as you can try more of their great menu selection during your visit. But better come here early, as it can get packed (especially on the weekends) where finding parking it’s almost impossible.

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