Kebab Istanbul

kebab istanbul
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Address: 3175 Rutherford Rd Unit 73, Concord
Phone: (905) 597-1313

Kebab Istanbul is a humble halal restaurant located in Tuscany Place, Vaughan. This mom-&-pop shop serves authentic Turkish dishes such as shawarma, falafel, kebabs, and more. They are especially known for having some of the best kebabs in Toronto. If you want to grab a seat to dine-in, better arrive early as this place can get packed pretty quickly especially during the weekends.
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From the outside, this restaurant seems quite assuming with its simple exterior. But as you step inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how they go all out with the decor inside the restaurant. The upper half of the walls are covered with a log finish and the bottom half uses stone veneers. This gives the store a cozy dining atmosphere especially with the additions of wooden tables and chairs. Although the space is quite limited, they still managed to fit in plenty of seating for you to dine in comfort without being too close to the other patrons in the store. Since this is a counter-serve restaurant, their menu is located by the ordering counter, and you simply pick up your food once it’s ready.
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Speaking of their menu, at Kebab Istanbul you can get your fix of wraps, sandwiches, dinner plates, pide, and Turkish desserts. The highlight of their menu is definitely their Adana kebab. If you get the kebab as a main course, then it’ll come with two skewers of Adana Kebab served with a side of salad, rice, as well as a lavash flatbread. The Adana is a ground beef kebab that’s incredibly moist and the flavours seep out with every bite. Make sure to enjoy it with their garlic sauce, which literally goes great with everything. This large meal comes reasonably priced at just under $19 and can easily fill two people.
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Their chicken shawarma plate is another favourite which comes with rice, fries, salad, as well as pita bread. The shawarma is always freshly prepared as you can see it freshly carved from the rotisserie. The chicken is moist and perfectly seasoned, unlike other places where the chicken often is too dry. You can never go wrong with this dish.
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For dessert, you have to get their kunafa. This sweet pastry has a rich taste of mozzarella cheese combined with the sweet taste of the simple syrup that it’s soaked in. If you have a sweet tooth then this is the perfect dish for you. This dish can take up to 15 minutes to make but it’s well worth the wait. Best of all, they usually offer complimentary tea to go along with this dessert. The mild bitterness from the tea is the perfect balance to the sweetness of the kunafa.
Come enjoy some of the best kebabs at Kebab Istanbul in Vaughan. This unassuming restaurant is the definition of don’t judge a book by its cover, as the food served here will for sure keep you coming back for more.

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