Kew-Balmy Beach

Most people in Toronto are familiar with Woodbine Beach, but not many know right next to it, there’s a less crowded beach that is just as good. If you are looking for a quieter and more relaxing day at the beach, then Kew-Balmy Beach is for you.
Photo by Simon Zhang
Kew-Balmy is one of the smaller beaches in Toronto which stretches 1.2 km in length. At this beach, you will find transparent water, rocky sands, off-leash dog areas and wooden boardwalks that stretch along the entire beach.
As you take a stroll around the beach, you’ll only notice that there are colourful wooden beach chairs that are scattered across the beach and along the boardwalk, which you’d usually find elderly people sitting on.
Photo by John Harbic
The cut-off point between Woodbine Beach and Kew-Balmy Beach is the iconic Beaches N’ Cream shop, which serves delicious soft serves, gelato, and all your favourite street foods. The street food is a bit overpriced here, but their ice creams are the perfect summer treat to cool off after a sunny day at the beach.
Photo by John Vetterli
Not many people know this, but this beach has many rich histories behind it. One of the landmarks on the beach is the 100-year-old Leuty Lifeguard Station. This station was built way back in 1920, and even to this day, it continues to be the headquarters for many of Toronto’s lifeguards and staff.
Photo by Jiaqing Pan
Above the beach, you will find the Kew Gardens. This scenic piece of greenery has many amenities including a lawn bowling club, basketball court, and baseball diamond. Here you will also find the historic Kew Williams House, which is the only remaining heritage home in the park. If you want to avoid the crowds at Woodbine beach, then Kew-Balmy Beach is for you!

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