Kim Tao Hot Pot 金稻

Kim Tao Hot Pot 金稻
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If you’re tired of ridiculously expensive hotpot restaurants and want something that tastes homemade, try Kim Tao Hot Pot in the Richmond Hill neighbourhood. This restaurant is ideal for all-you-can-eat meals in a relaxed dining ambience. Kim Tao was established in 2001 and has been providing amazing hot pots and other Chinese Cuisines that we all grow to love. The restaurant offers an order option by checking off hot pot ingredients on a sheet of paper. Come experience this hidden gem for wonderful meals at a reasonable price in a lively atmosphere.
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As you walk in the restaurant, you are greeted by antique Chinese figurines, as well as furnishings such as a Chinese carved mahogany lattice wall. The restaurant’s dining area is also nothing too fancy; it has all the basics but done very well. You have the option of sitting in a booth or at a table with chairs, all of which are well lit by vintage hanging lanterns.
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Kim Tao Hot Pot serves all-you-can-eat dishes with a good selection of meats and vegetables. Their all-you-can-eat menu includes everything from small appetisers like fried spring rolls to filling dishes like chicken fried rice. There are several must-try items, including their best-tasting beef selection, which are not like those fatty beef you find in some restaurants. We know the restaurant is famed for their hot pots, but their fish noodles are a must-try with the side of a clay pot rice; it tastes homemade. Try one of their soups as a side dish with no extra charge. Finally, you get free drinks, and their pitcher of lemon juice is excellent for washing it all down.
The only drawback is the difficulty in finding parking in the area, but Kim Tao is always a fantastic spot for delicious late-night meals, especially during game nights with friends as they often show sports channels. Before you go, keep in mind that they charge gratuity, although their prices are reasonable for the quality of the dish you get.
If you want to enjoy delicious Chinese hot pot without breaking the bank, Kim Tao Hot Pot is the place to go. Their restaurant is ideal for family and friend gatherings, with a relaxed environment and little to no waiting time.

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