Kung Fu Noodle

Kung Fu Noodle
If you are craving some fresh hand-tossed noodles, check out Kung Fu Noodle. This local eatery has been offering delicious noodles made from fresh ingredients, and we can’t get enough of it. You don’t have to fly to China to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine; try visiting Kung Fu Noodle in Markham for laid-back lunch dates and an unforgettable dining experience at an affordable price.
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The restaurant’s interior features a high ceiling and white stone Pilasters, giving it a classic look. They also have a clean dining area with some traditional Arowana fish statues and Maneki-Neko for good luck. There is no flashy décor here, just good food.
There are so many options on their menu to try. If you love long noodles that are filling, try their spicy beef noodles where the meat is juicy and served along with eggs, which is excellent if you skipped breakfast. And the soup is to die for. The best thing about the restaurant is the affordable pricing for high-quality cuisine. If you’re feeling hungry, you can add one of their side dishes, such as their flatbread wraps, along with your noodles. Their spicy black bean sauce noodle with beef is a winner. It has rich flavours combined with delicate meats—a perfect comfort meal and the cold nest tea will help you cool down. You can also sample their noodles with minced pork and stewed eggplant with a flavourful broth that isn’t too salty, all for less than $10.
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The restaurant is a popular location for fresh noodles and can get packed during lunch hours, but don’t let that stop you from trying their tasty noodles, which you can get takeout or order online, and make sure to come a little early if you’re planning a lunch hangout. And don’t be alarmed by the occasional banging noises, as that’s just the sound of noodles being prepared in the background; it’s just proof of your freshly made noodles.
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Look no further if you’re searching for chewy and filling noodles at a fair price near Markham. Kung Fu Noodle is a fantastic spot to get your hands on some tasty homemade noodles, especially on a chilly winter night. Furthermore, they provide a variety of noodles for your soup, making it a must-try to experiment with different flavours of noodle soup.

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