Lakefront Promenade Park

Lakefront Promenade Park

Address: 800 Lakefront Promenade,Mississauga
Phone: 905-615-4870

This is a great park to visit if you are looking to have a fun day with your family and friends. Lakefront Promenade Park is located off Lakeshore Road East, just east of Cawthra Road in Mississauga. This park is spacious with more than 40 hectares and the beach is a channel of Lake Ontario. This park also owns a nice sandy beach, water pads for the kids, and a marina.
Lakefront Promenade Park 3
This park is located at 800 Lakefront Promenade, out of Toronto. To get to the park by public transportation, you can take the GO Train from Union Station to Long Branch station and take the 23 bus.
But if you want to drive, and live in Toronto, you can take the Gardiner Express West, to Lakeshore Blvd West till Lakefront Promenade.
Lakefront Promenade Park 2
This park is an attraction in the summer because of the variety of outdoor activities available. Many people come to this park to enjoy a day at the beach because of its shallow and warm waters. This park also has a playground and three splash pads for the kids, so you can rest assured that your kids will have as much fun here as you do.
If you are not in the mood for getting in the water, you can spend your day sunbathing or playing sports. There are four beautiful volleyball courts at the beach which overlooks the Lakefront Promenade. And if you own a kayak, or any other watercraft, there will be a boat launch available for you to start cruising.
Lakefront Promenade Park 1
This park has many amenities, such as washrooms, picnic area, patio and grill. If you feel hungry, there are restaurants located throughout the park. But if you prefer to bring your food, there is also a nice picnic area, where you can enjoy an outdoor meal with family and friends. Lakefront Promenade Park also has many trails available which are suitable for walking, running and biking. There’s no better way to enjoy your day than to exercise while having a nice view of the Lake Ontario and Toronto skyline.
If you are looking for a family friendly park to spend your summer, Lakefront Promenade Park will be the place for you. It offers great entertainment for all ages, and you’ll have a blast spending a whole day here with family and friends.

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