Lalibela Cuisine

Photo by @fortheloveoftastyfood via Instagram

Phone: (416) 645-0486 
Address: 1214 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1M6

This is an Ethiopian restaurant that serves authentic dishes. They have a great menu selection from their food to their coffee. You won’t find another place as well done as this. They have a great vegetarian plate with a lot of options to choose from. For a price ranging from $15 – $25, you’ll get a great meal at reasonable prices.
Photo by @lalibelacuisine via Instagram
A favourite dish to try here is the Special Ethio Chicken. It comes with two tender chicken legs cooked with caramelized onions, garlic and ginger, served with soft-boiled eggs and cottage cheese. The chicken also comes with injera, a traditional Ethiopian flatbread. For $22, this is a generously portioned curry.

Photo by @lalibelacuisine via Instagram

Another popular dish is their lamb stew. The lamb is slowly cooked to make it a tender and juicier meat. Curry powder, ginger and more are added to deepen the flavour. The stew is thick and goes well with the injera bread and fresh salad. The salad comes with iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes and jalapenos.
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We also recommend trying the Kifto Dulet. This dish’s main attraction is seasoned ground beef. The meat is cooked with red onions, jalapenos and every bite comes with a hint of ginger and garlic. Scoop up this mouthwatering meal with some injera bread and enjoy a delicious dish for $20. This meal is big enough to share with friends.
Photo by @shawarma_empire_toronto via Instagram
There are so many great dishes to order from this restaurant. What makes this place work is how well they spice their meat. The spices bring out the unique flavour of every cut. You’re bound to fall in love with the meal.

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