Lanna Cuisine

Lanna Cuisine
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Address: 170 Enterprise Blvd Unit J105, Unionville
Phone: (905) 604-9090

Lanna is an upscale Thai restaurant in downtown Markham that serves authentic Thai cuisine with a unique twist. To bring the authentic flavours of Thailand to Toronto, Lanna’s team had visited many famous chefs from Thailand as well as drawing inspiration from the local restaurants in Bangkok.
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The décor is cozy and modern, with vibrant colours that create an exotic yet unpretentious vibe. The interior design is like an art piece with a variety of Thai-inspired artifacts from paintings to sculptures. The tabletops are made from marble along with luxuriously cushioned seats made of felt. Overlooking the entire dining space is a massive chandelier that is composed of many individual pieces that resemble raindrops.
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The menu definitely matches the restaurant’s interior as it comprises traditional Thai fare with a contemporary twist.
The Tom Yum Goong with Coconut Soup Milk Soup($9.95), which is a traditional Thai soup. Similar to the classic tom yum goong, the coconut soup milk soup consists of mushrooms, lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal in a sour and spicy soup base infused with coriander root and cumin. The combination of coriander root and cumin gives the soup a distinct Indian flavour that enhances the taste of this popular Thai dish.
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The go-to favourite is the Pineapple Fried Rice ($26.95) which you can get with either chicken or seafood. The fried rice is plated in half of a pineapple and topped with fresh slices of pineapple to give it a very pleasant presentation. The fried rice is cooked with Thai basil along with other spices while the sweet taste of pineapple rounds off the dish very well.
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If you are looking for a savoury meat dish that you got to try the Panang Curry Beef Short Ribs ($34.95). The tender beef short ribs are slow-braised in a Panang curry with coconut milk and topped with cashew nuts. The curry is slightly spicy so if you don’t like it too hot, I would recommend asking them to tone down the spiciness.
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For dessert, they have a unique take on the traditional Mango Sticky Rice. In this version, the glutinous rice is shaped like a heart and topped with a generous amount of nuts and sesame seeds along with mango puree dressing for added flavour and presentation. The mango chunks are freshly cut and served in the mango skin in order to retain its natural sweetness.
Lanna is definitely a good place to bring someone special as there are many dishes that are worth trying on their menu. The restaurant’s decor is very classy with appealing artwork adorning the walls, making it a great date spot or night out with friends.

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