Leafy Green Juice Bar

Photo by: norris 🌳 (@leafygreenjuicebar)

Address: 2466 Eglinton Ave E #9, Scarborough, ON M1K 5J7
Phone: +16478931734
Instagram: norris 🌳 (@leafygreenjuicebar)  

The unique aspect of Leafy Green Juice bar is not the fresh ingredients and delicious drinks they provide. The owner’s love and enthusiasm for a healthy and spiritual living are inspiring for anyone who wants to incorporate a healthier diet into their daily routine.
Leafy Greens adds coconut water as their go-to source of alkaline water to their blend of vegetables due to its benefit of relieving acidity in the stomach. They also add cashews and other nuts to enhance the flavour of their drinks. Not only do they prepare nutritious drinks, but they also have vegan meal options such as vegan burgers, wraps and soups, which are all made from scratch on-site.
Photo by: Green Press Inc
We know that sometimes it can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle and detox. We suggest watching Norris’ inspiring videos on Instagram, especially if you are a beginner, to keep you motivated on your cleansing journey. Try their “5 Tea,” which combines antioxidant-rich ingredients like hibiscus, ginger, and honey to keep you awake and hydrated throughout the day.
If you love nutritious beverages prepared with passion and from an expert, Norris, who has made it his life mission to promote a healthy lifestyle, you can make Leafy Green Juice Bar your go-to destination.

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