Legend Pot

Legend pot
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Address: 7030 Warden Ave., Markham, ON L3R 5Y2 
Phone: +19059468899

You can find Legend Pot inside T&T supermarket if you’re looking for a classy hot pot restaurant in Markham. Exceptional hot pots at a reasonable price. In addition to the good food, the ambiance of the restaurant has made it a favourite destination for many locals, business meetings, and work colleague outings. Make Legend Pot your first stop when you want to enjoy a delicious hot pot with friends and family.
Legend pot 1
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Legend Pot’s rooms and furnishings are truly eye-catching. The designs are sophisticated and intimate, with a modern twist. The interiors feature a moody dark theme with warm lighting and good airflow to create a comfortable environment. You can spot a bit of traditional touches with their Chinese wall writings and wall sections. There are plenty of long tables for group seatings (10 up to 15 people) and large private rooms with aesthetically pleasing decors.
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Legend Pot uses fresh ingredients and offers wonderful broth flavour options. You can order a personalized pot with the soup of your choice. You can customize the temperature and are perfect for people who are not comfortable with sharing. Legend Pot doesn’t skimp on their services, and their thinly sliced and marbled meats with fresh vegetables are a must-try. If you don’t want your broth to be too spicy, order a spice on the side as a dipping sauce and pick a non-spicy soup base. For a non-spicy broth, we recommend the pork bone base.
Try their fresh watermelon juice to go with your food which offers the perfect balance for the dipping sauce. The restaurant also offers non-hot-pot Chinese dishes and desserts like a deep-fried bun with condensed milk for a sweet treat. 
The restaurant accepts credit and debit cards as well as cash, which is convenient as many Chinese restaurants only accept cash. The only disadvantage is that there is no unlimited dipping sauce; if you want to add more, there will be an extra charge. Before you visit, make sure the restaurant is within your budget since they are on the pricey side, with an average of $45 per person plus gratitude charges.
Legend Pot provides a refined eating experience that is best experienced with a group of friends. You don’t have to be concerned about the quality and freshness of the food; as you can tell, it’s high-quality by the taste and looks. They offer an intimate and modern atmosphere with nice broth selections that are perfect for everybody.

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