Lin Garden

Lin Garden

Address: 1806 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON M1T 1H6
Phone: +1 (416) 491-8484

Lin Garden has been serving amazing dishes for over 17 years. They have an extensive menu from appetizers to dessert. Lin Garden is a casual restaurant in the Pharmacy Plaza. If you’d like to get a good deal visit this store between 11:30am – 2:00pm. You can get a lunch special for $7. It comes with your choice of tea, soda, chicken corn soup, spring rolls, or hot and sour soup. The price ranges from $6 – $14 at this restaurant.
Lin Garden 2
This place is always packed with people coming to try their delicious food. The decor here is not the fanciest, but you really feel welcomed in this naturally lit shop. They add their own unique spin to the shop as their counters are filled with beautiful figurines. Many mirrors and Chinese paintings can be found hanging against the wooden-panelled walls to give it a more homey feel.
Lin Garden 3
We recommend trying the Chili Chicken at this restaurant. It comes with a generous amount of sauce and it’s spiced very well. The flavour really seeps through the tender meat. Many people choose to bring this dish home as it’s hard to finish it all in one sitting. This dish comes with a lot of chilis and the sauce is very smooth which makes it pretty addictive after just a few bites. The price for this dish is only $9.50.
Lin Garden 1
Another beloved dish is the crispy beef. The meat is cooked just right, with the outside being crispy and the inside is filled with tender meat that just melts in your mouth. It has a distinctive flavour and you can taste a hint of garlic with every bite. The beef has an earthy flavour that’s brought out by the variety of spices used in this dish.
Kung Fu Noodle 4
End your meal with a Fried Banana with Honey and Ice Cream. It’s the right mix of sweet and creamy. Plus the texture of the crunchy banana with the smooth ice cream really hits the spot. The honey drizzled on top is just icing on top of the cake. It gives it a hint of a sweet floral taste. This dish isn’t overpowering in its sweetness and the banana is soft and gooey on the inside while still keeping its crispy on the outside.
Lin Garden serves a lot of mouthwatering dishes and they strive to serve authentic Hakka cuisine that delights their customers. Also, many of their menu items are reasonably priced. So if you’re looking for a delicious Hakka restaurant to enjoy with friends, then this is the place.

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