Livestock is a premier footwear and apparel boutique with two locations – one on Spadina, and the other on Roncesvalles. This is a great store to check out if you are looking for the latest selection of sneakers.

Photo by Livestock
On their website, you can check out the release dates on the newest release, as well as, opting to be notified about the latest drops in stocks so that you can buy it at the original retail price.
Photo by ShowYour.Space
The store itself is beautifully laid out transforming a simple space into a stylish boutique. Unlike most stores where they display a majority of their inventory; Livestock does things a little differently by only displaying a select few items with stunning presentation. With fewer items on display creates a large open space where customers can browse the store comfortably. If you don’t see what you are looking for, try asking their staff, as they usually more inventory in the back.
On normal days, it doesn’t really get crowded here but things can get lively when they hold their raffle signups or when there is a hyped release.

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