Madras Masala

Madras Masala
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Address: 796 Bloor St W #1, Toronto
Phone: (647) 342-4359

Madras Masala is a modest South Indian restaurant that serves dishes such as dosas & curries plus Indian-Chinese fare. This restaurant is located next to Christie Pits Park and is easily accessible by TTC. The restaurant has a small outdoor patio that was filled with people on the weekend. It’s the perfect place to dine with friends or family for many occasions, including business lunches or dinners. The menu offers traditional South Indian dishes that are prepared fresh upon order.
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The interior is simple with tables and chairs covered in white linen. The restaurant is also decorated to resemble the streets of Madras, India. There are plenty of seating options for small or large groups. It’s perfect for casual meetings or more formal events.
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Most of the dishes here use fresh masala and herb mixtures that are prepared daily in-house. There are also dishes that use traditional recipes combined with local ingredients to create a modern twist.
The dosas here are a must-try. At Madras Masala, they are made from ground rice and lentil batter mixed with fresh garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and curry leaves. These dosa crepes can be filled with ingredients such as cheese & onion; spicy potato & onion; masala mixed veggies; or spicy chicken & cashew.
Some of the favourites are their chilli cheese masala dosa and chili onion masala dosa. The chili onion ($11.99) was served with potatoes, onions and red chili pepper stuffed inside the masala dosa. This dish isn’t too heavy despite the fried dosa shell and onion filling. It was well-balanced in its flavours as well as the textures of the ingredients. You can taste everything from the crunchiness of the chili to the smoothness of cheese and softness of masala dosa.
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Another great choice is the rava dosa ($10.99), which is a crispy dosa filled with onions and potatoes. This dish is perfect to share for larger parties since it’s lighter than the other options. The rava dosa served at Madras Masala was crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside, making it not too heavy or oily.
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For something more filling, they also do a great dum biryani ($13.99). This rice dish is a favourite in Indian cuisine and comes with pieces of chicken or mutton, basmati rice, spices and saffron. At Madras Masala , they make the biryani using their house-made masala mixtures that include beans, cumin seeds, cardamom & more. The biryani was very fragrant and had a good amount of spices to it. Each bite was well-seasoned, making it hearty enough to be eaten on its own without the need for any sauces or accompaniments.
Madras Masala is a great place to dine for Indian cuisine lovers that are looking for more than just North-Indian or fast-food options. It’s also an ideal location if you’re looking for the perfect spot to host any type of party, including office lunches and dinners. The menu offers plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians alike. The casual environment makes it a great place to grab lunch or dinner with friends or family!   

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