Marie Curtis Park

Marie Curtis Park has one of the less-known beaches in Toronto, but still worth visiting. Here you will find a beautiful park with multiple beaches that’s perfect for a family outing with BBQ, biking trails, a playground and more. Located in Etobicoke, on forty-second St by Lake Ontario, this charming beach offers a nice getaway from the busy lifestyle of the city.

Photo by Adam Groffman

To get here, it’s just a short 25 min drive from the core of downtown Toronto, or you can take the GO Bus from Union Station to Long Branch GO. Since this beach is more secluded, you can easily find a parking spot on either side of the park, where there are often ice cream trucks set up offering refreshing treats for the hot summer’s day. Best of all, the park is free!

Photo by Gary Wood

Here you will find two beaches located on both ends of the park. The beach on the east side is the smaller one out of the two. Here you will find soft sand and flat rocks, which makes it easier to walk around the beach without worries. Although swimming here is permitted, we don’t recommend it as there’s a bit of pollution from the neighbouring sewage plant which gives off a subtle unpleasant smell and a green colour in the waters. With that being said, the water is still safe enough to swim in if you don’t mind the smell and colour.
Photo by Jeff Hitchcock
Moving over to the west side, you’ll find a beach that stretches a bit longer than one on the east side. This side of the beach is often less busy compared to the east side, and it has a bigger sandy area which is perfect for getting your tan on, as well as a friendly game of volleyball (remember to bring your net). And if you’re getting hungry, you can head over to the Sunset Beach Cafe where you can grab a quick bite of food items like chicken shawarma, hotdogs, hamburger, ice cream, and more.
With so much to do here at Marie Curtis, better plan your trip here quickly before more people find out about this amazing spot.

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