Moccasin Trail Park

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Phone: +1 (416) 392-2489
Address: 55 Green Belt Dr, Toronto, ON L4Z 2P5

This trail has an area of 15 hectares with a ravine forest nearby. It has 4 bike trails to explore as well as a beautiful pond to sightsee. You can find a lot of ducks and frogs frolicking in the pond in the morning. This is a great spot for birdwatching, as you’ll often see robins flying overhead in the area. The trail is 5.1 km and is moderate in difficulty. Many people visit this park for a quick getaway to go on nature walks as it has plenty of beautiful scenery.  
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This park is located at 55 Green Belt Dr. If you are driving, you could take the ON-401 the Lawrence Ave E or Ellesmere Rd to get here. If you prefer taking the TTC you could get on the 54 bus to Donway East, which is a 14 min walk from Moccasin Trail Park. The 25B is also another great option, as you can get off at Donway West, which is a 9 min walk from the park.
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This trail is home to the famous Rainbow Tunnel, a mural that appeared in the late 1970s. It was painted by a teenager to commemorate his friend who passed away. But this painting was not approved by the North Yorks Parks Department who painted over this mural. The teenager continued to paint the mural again and again. He even received help from the others in the community who admired his resilience, until finally in 2013, the city restored the painting.
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This trail is also near the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area which is an extensive network of trails that take you to a wilder part of the forest. This trail was named after a conservationist who cared about protecting the ecosystems and the wildlife that inhabited them. This beautiful urban forest gives you the opportunity to observe plants and animals in their natural habitat. The pond especially is a popular spot for bird watchers.
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The perfect time to visit if you’re looking to avoid the crowds is before 3:00pm on the weekdays. It’s the best opportunity to get a parking spot nearby if you are driving here. We recommend visiting in the morning, as you get to see the morning dew on the greenery. The trail has a quiet beauty and this hidden gem of a trail is tucked away in the heart of downtown Toronto. You’ll be surprised by how well-maintained the trails are.

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